Case Coordinator-Full Time: Somerset KY

Position Title
Case Coordinator
Full-time or Part-time
Company Name
SAFY of America
Location of job
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Somerset, KY 42501
Position Description
As a Case Coordinator you will be responsible for the case management functions of a caseload of foster youth and respective foster homes.

Essential Responsibilities:

* When appropriate and with approval from the custodial agency, maintain contact with primary family with a visit within two weeks of youth placement and no less than monthly thereafter. Coordinate home visits for the youth with all appropriate parties. Discuss all relevant issues pertaining to the youth in care with foster parent/s, youth, school officials, natural parents, placing agency and other appropriate parties involved with the youth according to policy, regulations and best practice standards. Complete inventories of property for each youth and ensure foster parents are updating inventories.

* Attend hearings and semi-annual review for all youth assigned to caseload. Assist with enrolling youth in school and attends Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings. Assure that health care needs of youth are being realized including medical, dental, vision and hearing as well as special needs. Provide after care for 90 days or as required by contract.

* May also be responsible for the following: provide Medicaid billable services to the youth with mental health diagnosis; provide Independent Living skills that focus on self-sufficiency through specific outcomes, such as obtaining housing, job education or vocational training, counseling and community networking; assist with the recertification process of assigned foster homes on a timely basis as specified in the applicable licensing requirements; providing outpatient mental health case management services.

* Complete assessments as required by state rules, agency policies, and/or contract requirements. Assessments may include psychosocial assessments, Diagnostic Assessment Forms, and Independent living skills assessments.

* Prepare Individualized Treatment Plans, DAF’s, and Mental Health Individualized Services Plans according to established time frames involving all appropriate parties as required by policy and regulations of the state.
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Jacob Manzanares
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