Case Manager, Necco, Full-Time, Elizabethtown Kentucky

Position Title: Case manager, Full-Time

Company Name: Necco

Location of Job: Elizabethtown

Company Address:

4000 N. Dixie Hwy #3
Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701
United States

Contact Information:
Jesse Cain
(270) 505-4183

Position Qualifications:
• 21 years of age
• Bachelor’s degree in a human services related field and a minimum of 2 years experience working with children with emotional or behavioral problems required
• Valid Drivers Licenses
• Excellent Computer skills
• Excellent Written and Oral Communication skills
• Excellent Organizational skills
• Successful completion of all required Criminal Background checks

Position Responsibilities:
• Facilitate and develop each child’s Initial Service Plan and Comprehensive Treatment Plan
• Assist foster parents and the foster child with the implementation, tracking, and monitoring of the Comprehensive Treatment Plan
• Rotation of the Emergency Pager or Cell phone
• Serve as a communications link with referring agencies
• Visits to each child on your caseload 3 times per month (weekly for medically fragile) and phone contact on the week that the child is not seen
• Ensure that the following documentation is complete and in each child’s file:
1. Client Information Sheet
2. Referral
3. Comprehensive Treatment Plans
4. Initial Service Plan
5. Assessments (Youth Strength & Needs Assessment, Developmental Screening, Independent Living Assessment, Cultural Survey, Initial Assessment and Safety and Supervision Assessment
6. Legal Paperwork
7. Level of care, 6 month reports, Achenbachs
8. Home Visit notes, staff notes, supervision notes, behavior cards
9. Documentation of therapy services
10. 1293/1294’s
11. Incident Reports (Critical and/or Behavioral incidents)
12. Education information
13. Medical forms, medication logs, immunizations
14. Discharge Summaries and Aftercare Plans
• Attend and participate in self-directed team meetings and activities

Responsibilities of Every Corporate Citizen:
• Understanding and Implementing Hobbs’ Principles
• Understanding and Practicing Meritocracy
• Understanding and Practicing Shared Vision
• Understanding and Practicing Business Intelligence (Egghead)
• Understanding and Practicing Customer Service
• Understanding and Practicing Team Learning (Sacrifice and Assist)
• Understanding and Practicing Transparency
• Understanding and Practicing Wellness
• Understanding and Practicing Progressive Leadership
• Achieving Personal Mastery

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