Case Manager (TCMS/TCHS Youth Services Center)- Campbellsville, KY


  • Bachelor Degree: Social Work, Human Services
  • Experience working with children and/or families in an organized setting.


This Case Management position is responsible for assessing student needs, referring and working with community resources to meet student needs, conducting home visits, communicating with guardians, monitoring client progress, maintaining records of program activities and functions, completing documentation, building community connections and building relationships with students (6th-12th grade),


This is an entry level, full time, Case Management position through the two year GEER II grant and FRYSC.   Under supervision, incumbents primarily arrange and monitor mental health support services for students.


  • Identifies students in need of mental health services and FRYSC services.
  • Implements, refers and monitors progress of student mental health services.
  • Implements and performs all case management requirements, documentations and monitoring required to meet mandates, to document services, and to meet the needs of students.
  • Adheres to the O.R.E.O.: Adolescents budget and the FRYSC budget.
  • Collaborates with other professionals in coordinating resources and in meeting the needs of students.
  • Conducts home visits and meetings with guardians and/or families.
  • Builds relationships with students and/or families.
  • Performs other comparable duties of a like or similar nature as assigned.


  • Working knowledge of the nature of mental illness and related treatment modalities, interventions and techniques; of child and adolescent trauma; of different types of assessments and their uses in treatment planning; of consumers’ rights; of local community resources and service delivery systems such as housing, social, welfare, etc. . . ; of documentation requirements; and of service plan development and implementation.
  • Demonstrated ability to assess clients; to read and understand assessments/evaluations; to identify community resources and services for clients and coordinate provision of services; to be culturally sensitive to the diverse population of student and families; to establish effective working relationships with school staff as well as with relevant community organizations; interact positively with students and their families, work as a team member, communicate effectively, maintain confidentiality, perform clerical duties, operate Microsoft Office, maintain a valid Kentucky driver’s license and vehicle insurance coverage; and work independently under general supervision.


  • Be clean, neat and professionally dressed
  • Be consistently responsible- maintaining regular punctual attendance and timely completion of assigned duties, working assigned contract days and using sick, personal, and emergency leave appropriately.
  • Maintain professional interpersonal skills using tact, patience, courtesy, and cooperative effective relationships with others consistently displaying self-control, honesty, and credibility with parents, students, visitors and school personnel.
  • Act as a district liaison demonstrating positive behavior, interest and concern toward the programs, purposes, goals and efficient operation of the Taylor County Public Schools.
  • Follow the procurement guidelines and purchase order process.
  • Disseminate information/resources in areas of responsibilities.
  • Maintain proper care and safe use of district equipment and property.
  • Participate in required professional development and trainings as assigned or approved for professional job growth, to remain abreast of program requirements/responsibilities and to improve student educational services.
  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy of all school records.
  • Is familiar with and incorporates the use of technology as job responsibilities require.
  • Adheres with federal, state and district program guidelines, policies, procedures and laws.
  • Adheres to the State Professional Code of Ethics.
  • Perform other tasks and assume other responsibilities as may be assigned by the supervisor or superintendent.


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