Correction Officer, Ky Dept. of Corrections, Full-Time, Boyle County Ky

High school graduate.
Must be twenty-one years of age.
54-527 Dept of Corrections
Boyle County
Full-time Merit (18A)
Competitive – Open To All Candidates
OTHER – FLSA designation for vacancies associated with this requisition will be communicated during the hiring process.
Pay Grade 09 (MIN-MID) $21,886.80 – $28,994.64 yearly at 37.5 hour work week OR $23,346.00 – $30,927.60 yearly at 40 hour work week
$2,343.90 per month at 37.5 hours per week OR $2,500.00 per month at 40 hours per week.
This job has an initial and promotional probationary period of 6 months. For additional information refer to:
This is a general posting for an Immediate Fill title. It is not an advertisement for an actual vacancy. By applying to this posting you are indicating that you would like to be considered for vacancies for this title until the last day of the posting, July 31, 2017. To be considered for vacancies after that time, you must apply to the posting scheduled to appear on the Career Opportunities website on August 1, 2017.
***Boyle County***
During the initial pre-employment interview, an applicant shall be advised, that if he/she has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, a felony or trafficking in narcotics, dangerous drugs or controlled substances, they shall not be considered for employment.
Maintains custody and control of inmates/patients in a custodial security setting for adults or performs related special assignments; and performs other duties as required.
Must be able to physically respond to an emergency situation. Assist in an evacuation or rescue, bend, lift, run or walk swiftly in order to physically disrupt fights between inmates and/or residents or intervene in a combative situation to protect fellow employees from the threat of harm or actual harm at the hands of an inmate and/or resident. Must possess the physically agility to secure an inmate and/or resident with handcuffs and/or ankle chains, or other restraints, and, it necessary, to engage in forced movement of inmates and/or residents from one location to another.
Upon appointment, employees in this class may be required to maintain a valid driver’s license and required to drive a licensed vehicle. This status may be necessary for the length of time in this class. If this is necessary it will be listed in the specific position description for that position. Applicants and employees in this classification may be required to submit to a drug screening test and background check. Applicants and employees in positions which perform job duties that may require contact with offenders in the custody or supervision of the Department of Corrections or with youth in the care, custody, or supervision of the Department of Juvenile Justice must meet qualifications pursuant to the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, 28 C.F.R.115.17 and 115.317.

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