Counselor Staff, Wildwood Ranch, Part-time, Howell, Michigan

Position Title Counselor Staff
 Part-Time/Full-Time? Part-time
Company Name Wildwood Ranch
Location of job Howell
CompanyAddress 4909 Brophy Rd., Howell, Michigan, 48855
Contact Email:
Position Description Unit Leaders (2) – Responsible for organization and observation of the counseling staff, behavior management and the delegation of evening activities.

Rovers (2) – Assist the program team with assigned tasks such as setting up games, delivering left items, dropping off children, taking photos, etc. At times will act as an extra adult to help with campers.

Teen Ministry Team Leaders (2) – responsible for the supervision, spiritual direction and counseling of the Junior Staff. They will serve as their counselors and supervise them in the daily schedule. They will assist in the kitchen and also maintenance duties.

Counselors (8) – Responsible for the direction and guidance of 10 to 12 campers, ages 8-17, each week. Two counselors live in each cabin or outpost tent with the campers and use every opportunity to interact with them on spiritual topics through devotions, Bible study, fellowship time, one-on-one time and daily living situations.

Day Camp Counselors (4) – Enjoys and is able to work with children ages 4-12. Responsible for creating and teaching Bible lessons and the direction and guidance of each camper at every camp activity.

Flex Counselors (8) – Flex staff will serve either as counselor for either day camp or residential camp based on the numbers registered for that week. See the description for counselors and day camp counselors.

Contact Name Whitney Gilbert
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