Elder Position, Three Strands Church (FT)- Whitley City, KY

Job Description: Youth and Family Ministries Focus


  • Must be a wholehearted follow of Jesus Christ
  • Must not be a new convert to the faith
  • Must have a passionate desire to be a pastor
  • Must be living a life in pursuit of the character qualities listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:6-9
  • Prefer (but not a requirement) to have a Bachelor of Science degree from a doctrinally aligned Bible College or an advanced degree from a doctrinally aligned Seminary
  • Must be (or become) a Three Strands Church Member in full agreement with the Three Strands Doctrinal Statement and the Three Strands Constitution & Bylaws (PDF copies of these documents can be found at www.3Strands.Church/what-we-believe)


  • Value prayer and personal time with the Lord above all other duties or interests
  • Be submissive to the discipleship process with our team of Elders
  • Love your wife and kids (if applicable) above all ministry obligations
  • Pursue total honesty within Christian community
  • Avoid alone time with the opposite sex (including electronic communications)
  • Practice the attitude of: “Work like it all depends on you; pray like it all depends on God”
  • Work approximately 45 hours per week (same expectation as church volunteers)


  • Pray (this duty should be a top priority for success)
  • Pursue opportunities for ‘one-on-one’ discipleship and small group discipleship
  • Lead, organize and teach at youth meetings, activities, or events (including Teen Life Groups)
  • Lead, organize and chaperone Teen Summer Camp
  • Organize and administer our SIDEKICKS Volunteers (3–7-year-old ministry)
  • Organize and administer our Nursery Volunteers (0–2-year-old ministry)
  • Engage parents of Three Strands kids to offer counsel from God’s Word and resources to help lead their family
  • Participate in regular Elder Meetings (approx. 2 per month)
  • Meet weekly with our Lead Pastor for discipleship
  • Teach/Preach during our Sunday morning church service occasionally (approx. 2-4 times per year)
  • Actively pursue opportunities to accurately (and literally) teach the whole counsel of God’s Word (without fear or equivocation)
  • Plan and execute leadership development strategies for ministry volunteers
  • Attend/Participate in all church events and activities that are appropriate for your gender, life stage or ministry sphere
  • Humbly and submissively attempt to fulfill any other duties/responsibilities deemed beneficial to your ministry or personal growth by the Lead Elder

Applications can be emailed to: questions@3Strands.Church

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