Engineering Technician (Full-Time), Nationwide Uniform, Hodegnville, KY

Position: Apparel Industrial Engineering Technician

Business: Nationwide Uniform, Hodgenville, KY

Contact Person: Rachel Phillips

Email: (with resume or for more information)

Full-Time Position. Pay to be determined.

Responsibilities/Duties: Will be trained in the classic functions of an apparel industrial engineering technician, including, but not limited to: establishing and defining elemental method descriptions of individual manufacturing operations; writing quality specifications and defining work place/work aid set up; establishing production rates; creating factory floor layouts; style labor costing; ergonomic workplace evaluation, work flow analysis, and production staffing analysis. Will be standing and walking on manufacturing floor, as well as performing work in office. Will work closely with direct labor operators.

Skills Required: Proficient in mathematical skills and must be able to think analytically;   Must have basic computer skills, including ability to work in MS Excel and MS Word; Ability to learn quickly; Must have good oral and written communication skills and the ability to interact well with others.

Minimum Education Requirements: Multiple semesters of college, Associates Degree preferred.


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