Family Development Specialist , SAFY, Part-time, Northern Kentucky

Family Development Specialist


This position is responsible for the licensing of foster and adoptive parents in our Northern Kentucky division.

Essential Responsibilities:


  • Functions as part of the licensure team and must be able to work collaboratively with the treatment director and recruiter to ensure that all homes are trained appropriately.
  • Perform home study of prospective treatment parent(s) and their home environment according to SAFY policy and specific requirements of the state.
  • Organize and schedule the treatment/adoptive parent(s) Pre-service training program.
  • Organization of Pre-service training includes arranging presenters, locating/scheduling meeting sites, notifying attendees.
  • Conducts the orientation training sessions and assures that the content and required number of training hours is provided according to SAFY policy and state regulations.
  • Complete all elements of the licensing process for each parent/home that successfully completes all phases of training within 90 days.
  • Complete process for the recertification of treatment homes on a timely basis as specified in the applicable licensing regulations. Follow up on all deficiencies as cited by DFS licensing.
  • Oversees maintenance of accurate logs of all training provided to treatment/adoptive parent(s).
  • Collaborate with division and region staff efforts in treatment parent retention and ongoing treatment parent trainings. Maintain calendar and scheduling.
  • Work with recruiter to develop public relations strategies for recruitment, retention, and treatment parent support.
  • May help coordinate with divisional staff and regional staff efforts to hold foster parent retention events.


  • Be in compliance with monthly and quarterly requirements as defined annually by Risk Assessment plan.
  • Submits detailed reports to supervisor no less than monthly, and submits Reports needed for corrective action to Treatment Director.


  • Establish and maintain a positive working relationship with all levels of SAFY staff by participating in joint meetings, and problem identification and resolution.
  • Establish and maintain a supportive and positive working relationship with youth, foster parents, referring agencies, and other SAFY stake holders.
  • Attend relevant in-house and external seminars, trainings, conferences and workshops to develop and enhance knowledge in the designated area as well as achieve relevant education hours per year to enhance professional and job related skills.
  • Attends required meetings within division, region, and central office (team and/or community partners).
  • Participate in assigned committees and chairs if so appointed. If appointed, maintains liaisons with state and national organizations.
  • Meets regularly with supervisor to discuss issues and performance.
  • Submit monthly/quarterly reports to immediate supervisor.
  • Sensitive and responsive to the cultural differences of staff, SAFY youth, foster parents, referral sources and the public.
  • May be on call 24 hours or on a rotating basis to address crisis with clients.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.
POSITION REQUIREMENTS Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in the field of social work, counseling, psychology, sociology, child & family studies, or other related field of human services.

Experience Requirements:

  • Two years experience in social work is required.
LOCATION Kentucky – Northern Kentucky
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