Family Ministries Associate, First Baptist Church of Corbin – Corbin, KY



  • Assist Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Church Staff in organizing and ministering to the children, youth, and families of First Baptist Church.




  • Preferred 2 years work experience or 2 years of college in a related field (i.e. working with children, youth, and/or families). Preferred areas of education/work experience include: Education, Ministry, Religion, Social Work/Mental Health, Family & Social Services.




The Family Ministry Associate should be comfortable and/or experienced in the following:


Event organization & planning; establishing and following rhythms and strategies for planning, remaining organized, and communicating with parents and families; teaching and large/small group facilitation; interacting with children and youth (Ages: 0-18) as well as their families; excellent listening skills; ability to work with and reach out to diverse populations and at-risk families, children, and youth.




  1. Assist in Family Ministries Implementation, Planning, and Communication- Assist Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation in implementing Family, Children, and Youth Ministry Plan and Strategy as well as yearly/monthly planning and communication.


  1. Coordinate and Invest in Ministry Volunteers- Coordinate, develop personal relationships with, and help organize volunteer teams for the Children and/or Youth Ministry under the guidance of the Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation


  1. Teach and Facilitate Groups- Assist in regular planning, creation and teaching of curriculum, and facilitation of groups between children, youth, families, and volunteers.


  1. Event Planning/Organizing- Attend and assist in planning/execution of family ministry events, activities, and trainings as designated by Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation.


  1. Outreach and Service- With the assistance and guidance of Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation, assist in outreach and service to families, children, and youth in the community as well as those who serve them (i.e. social service agencies, other ministries, local school staff and administration, hospital/mental health professionals and first responders, etc.).




All employees are expected to meet and be evaluated along the following guidelines:


  1. Quantity of Work – The quantity of work produced and the promptness with which it is completed


  1. Quality of Work – The ability displayed and accuracy of work produced; meeting the organization’s standard


  1. Dependability – Amount of supervision required, punctuality and attendance


  1. Teamwork – Willingness and cooperativeness with co-workers/supervisor, ability to accept and utilize constructive criticism


  1. Adherence to Policy – The degree to which the organizational and ministry policies/procedures are followed


  1. Attitude – The demeanor used in dealing with families, volunteers, peers, staff, supervisor and all/any other members with which one interacts


  1. Initiative – The degree to which an employee searches out new tasks, seeks answers to issues and expands abilities professionally


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