FOOD SERVICE DIRECTOR (FT), Taylor Co. Schools, Campbellsville KY



Oversee the functioning of a medium (student enrollment of 2,500 to 9,999) districtwide food service program, ensure cost effectiveness and compliance with district, state and federal requirements regarding nutrition, menu planning, food production, sanitation, safety, financial management, procurement and record-keeping;  select, supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned personnel.


School food service (SFS) Director I incumbents oversee a small (student enrollment of 2,499 or less) district­wide food service program. SFS Director II incumbents oversee a medium (student enrollment of 2,500 to 9,999) districtwide food service program. SFS Director Ill incumbents oversee a large (student enrollment of 10,000 or more) districtwide food service program.

DUTIES include, but are not limited to:

Safety, and Employee Safety

  • Establish procedures to ensure that food is prepared and served in a sanitary and safe environment.
  • Develop and integrate employee safety regulations into all phases of the school food service program.

Financial Management and Recordkeeping

  • Implement efficient management techniques to ensure all records and supporting documentation are maintained in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and policies.
  • Prepare a variety of food service records and reports; review time sheets, financial statements, operating reports, inventory and cost control

Food Production, Nutrition and Menu Planning

  • Develop cost-effective menus that maintain nutrition integrity and meet all local, state and federal guidelines and regulations.
  • Supervise and participate in food preparation and distribution to students and staff; plan for catered events such as meetings, activities and parties; plan and coordinate food service operations with school activities to improve school and community relations and increase student
  • Work with school staff, teachers, parents and physicians to plan menus for children with special dietary needs.
  • Implement a plan for providing foodservice for special functions consistent with district policies.


  • Prepare specifications for the purchase of food supplies and equipment; review bids, make purchases and recommendations as
  • Determine equipment needs and specifications consistent with program needs and budget.


  • Meal production planning and
  • Applicable district, state and federal laws, rules and regulations related to food
  • Quantity food merchandise
  • Nutrition, sanitation and operation regulations and
  • Practices and procedures used in ordering, receiving, storing and inventorying food and
  • Budget preparation and
  • District organization, operations, policies and
  • Record-keeping
  • Principles and practices of supervision and
  • Oral and written communication
  • Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and
  • Inventory methods and


  • Plan, coordinate and manage a district food service
  • Assure compliance with district, state and federal requirements relating to food
  • Coordinate and supervise master menu
  • Train others in the preparation and serving of food
  • Read, interpret, apply and explain rules, regulations, policies
  • Schedule, supervise and evaluate
  • Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action
  • Meet schedule and time
  • Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships
  • Operate a computer
  • Plan and organize
  • Maintain records and prepare
  • Communicate effectively
  • Work independently


Effective July 1, 2015, a School Food Service Director II must meet the following minimum education standards:

  • Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent education experience, with academic majors in specific areas*; OR
  • Bachelor’s degree in any academic major; and state recognized certificate for school nutrition directors; OR
  • Bachelor’s degree in any academic major and at least two years of relevant school nutrition programs experience; OR
  • Associate’s degree or equivalent educational experience, with academic major in specific areas,* and at least two years of relevant school nutrition programs experience.

A Food Service Director holding this position prior to July 1, 2015 may continue to serve in the existing position without having to meet the minimum education standards pursuant to 7 CFR parts 210 and 235.

LEAs with less than 500 students: State agencies may approve a candidate that meets the educational standards but has less than three years’ experience.

*Specific majors/areas of concentration:  food and nutrition, food service management, dietetics, family and consumer sciences, nutrition education, culinary arts, business, or a related field.


As prescribed in 702 KAR 6:045, the employee must complete the training course for certification of beginning school food service personnel.  Pursuant to 7 CFR parts 210 and 235, at least 8 hours of food safety training is required within 30 days of the employee’s start date, or no more than 5 years prior to starting. The employee must also complete mandatory training requirements annually.

**Application deadline: March 25, 2020

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