Houseparent, Shelter Care, Inc., Full-time, Tallmadge Ohio

Position Title: Houseparent

Full-time or Part-time? : Full-time

Company Name: Shelter Care, Inc.

Location of job: Tallmadge Ohio

Company Address: 32 South Avenue Tallmadge OH 44278

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Contact Phone Number: 330-630-5600

Position Description:

The Shelter Home Program provides long-term residential treatment for youth between the ages of 12 and 18. Each shelter home is staffed with a full-time live-in house-parent(s) and has a maximum capacity of four youth. This family model is designed to provide stability, teach responsible living and model what a healthy family looks like. The shelter home parents and youth are given supportive help through a qualified clinical staff.

Shelter Home Houseparent Job Description*

  • Serve as parents who provide a safe & nurturing environment that fosters growth – physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.
  • Parent youth in a manner consistent with the treatment goals and objectives.
  • Maintain high levels of supervision of youth in their care at all times.
  • Ensure a healthy physical environment and provide adequate and nutritious food which includes three nutritionally balanced meals per full day of care, planned and primarily prepared by houseparents.
  • Provide transportation of all youth to medical, counseling, and educational appointments, as well as family visits and activities.
  • Assume an active role as part of the treatment team by participating in weekly clinical/family meetings.

Compensation and benefits

  • Each houseparent couple is provided a salary, as well as a separate allowance for food, travel and household expenses, and moving allowance.
  • Benefits include complete health coverage, 403b retirement plan, life insurance, and paid vacation.
  • All housing costs and utilities are paid by Shelter Care, Inc.
  • Monthly planned respite.
  • Food bank and government food subsidies.

* Applicants for the Shelter Home Program cannot have dependent age children residing in the home, due to the presenting concerns of the youth in care. This policy does not apply to applicants for the Respite Home Program.

Contact Name: Katie Hartney

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