In Home Assistor-Full Time: Jamestown KY

Position Title: In-Home Assistor
Company Name: Lake Cumberland Community Action Agency
Location of Job: Jamestown KY – 10 county area
Full-time or Part-time: Full-time
Company Address: 23 Industry Drive PO Box 830, Jamestown, Kentucky 42629
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Position Description
Purpose: To increase the strength and stability of families, to prevent child abuse/neglect thereby keeping children safely in home and to keep families from coming to the attention of the Cabinet. Duties (partial list): Facilitate in the best interest of the child, document observations, interactions, goals and time frames for home visits, provide individualized parent education through mentoring and coaching using a research-based successful curriculum; utilize techniques in areas such as child development, age appropriate behavior, positive approaches to discipline, communication skills building, mutual trust and increasing self-esteem, promote parent (caregiver) and child attachment, use preventive measures or techniques to redirect any potential for crisis and/or conflict that occurs in an effort to enhance positive interaction, develop written goals/tasks with the family based on the NCFAS, ASQ-3, ASQ:SE and other assessments, direct the family in locating resources as needed, intervene if the behavior becomes harmful to the child (e.g., adult reacts inappropriately to the behavior of the child, attempts to disrupt services, etc., resolve issues as an objective third part when they arise in the family, develop an aftercare plan with each family, participate in various activities throughout the year for Child Abuse Prevention Month, Community Outreach events, Regional Network events, etc.

Contact Name: Trish Popplewell
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