IT/ Maintenance at the Kid Spot Center

Position title: IT/Maintenance

Skills needed:

* Trouble shoot computer, printer, and network issues

* Maintain phone system and trouble shoot issues that arise

* Research HIPAA – HITECH and create processes and policies to address issues and concerns to ensure compliance

* Become knowledgeable with programs and applications used at KSC such as fusion, netchex, g-mail, etc. Maintain these updates and tech support

* Maintenance and update all KSC computers, including cleaning and all protection (spyware, malware, antivirus, etc.)

* Backup data as needed to ensure access to old accounts in Raintree

* Research and update remote access software and create policies

* Assist and maintain tech support for g-mail and Google drive documents

* Maintain internet settings, setup and security

* Complete emergency checklist

* Travel between locations as needed for maintenance as needed

* Yard/landscape maintenance at Campbellsville and Elizabethtown clinics

* Any other duties deemed necessary and/or assigned

Maintenance skills

* Assist with general/routine maintenance as requested such as changing light bulbs, changing air filters, changing fire extinguishers, etc

* Maintain vehicle maintenance for all KSC vehicles and complete checklist bi-monthly or more if needed.

* Plumbing needs

* Assembling furniture

* Hanging items on the walls

Contact information: 

121A Casey Street Campbellsville, Kentucky 42718

(Phone) 1.270.465.7768

(Fax) 1.270.465.0068

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