LIBRARIAN/MEDIA SPECIALIST, Taylor County High School – Campbellsville, KY


To provide all students with an enriched library/media environment containing a wide variety and range of materials and equipment that invites intellectual growth, and aids all students in acquiring the skills needed to take full advantage of media center resources.


  • Set goals and objectives which guide the development of the Library Media Program
  • Develops and implements policies and procedures for the operation of the Library Media Program (e.g. selection, circulation, scheduling)
  • Teaches how to use the Kentucky Virtual Library
  • Assists teachers and students in applying information resources and information literacy skills into class curriculum
  • Promotes maximum use of the LMC through flexible scheduling for classes and students to promote use by individuals, small groups, and whole classes, to facilitate and promote student achievement
  • Plans cooperatively with teachers to integrate research, information retrieval skills, and literature appreciation into the curriculum
  • Provides access to professional materials and information for school staff
  • Networks with other libraries and shares resources
  • Publicizes the LMC program and services
  • Complete all forms and reports required by the program or assigned by the immediate supervisor and/or building principal
  • Serve on committees as determined by the immediate supervisor, building principal or Superintendent of his designee
  • Evaluates, selects and requisitions LMC materials and technology that support and align with the school’s curriculum and educational philosophy
  • Withdraws obsolete materials and classifies, catalogs, processes, and organizes for circulation the educational media and technology.
  • Establishes and follows procedures for maintenance and repair of media and technology equipment.
  • Serves as an instructional resource consultant and media specialist to teachers and students.
  • Utilizes current research and methods in areas of technology, teaching, learning, and library and information science
  • Aligns the LMC goals to those of the school
  • Coordinates the school’s implementation of KETS (if assigned)
  • Helps students to develop habits of independent reference work and to develop skill in the use of reference materials in relation to planned assignments
  • Collaborates with teachers in planning assignments leading to extended use of LMC resources
  • Participates in various professional organizations that relate to library media and technology
  • Maintains the LMC to be a functional, attractive, and orderly environment that encourages maximum use
  • Plans the budget with the administration and/or SBDM/advisory councils based on the needs and objective of the library media center program
  • Periodically meets with the administration and/or SBDM/advisory councils to discuss short-range goals and accomplishments of the library media center
  • Develops and administers library media center policies regarding materials selection, collection development, circulation, challenged materials, copyright, and technology.
  • Organizes, classifies, and catalogs library materials following nationally recognized professional standards
  • Solicits suggestions from and communicates with faculty and students about services, materials, programs, and facilities
  • Evaluates programs, services, facilities, and materials on a continuous basis
  • Publicizes the library media center programs, services, and materials through newsletters, announcements, and other innovative ways
  • Is responsible for the proper use of the facility, materials, and equipment
  • Plan and/or participate in special projects or proposals
  • Trains and supervises library media center clerical staff and volunteers
  • Maintains accurate records (e.g. purchase orders, bid specs, packing slips, etc.)
  • Follows the district policy and procedures in the operation and selection of materials
  • Selects, acquires, circulates, and maintains materials, technology, and equipment which support the school’s curriculum
  • Keeps a current card or automated catalog
  • Makes general repairs, weeds collection, and takes annual inventory


  • Exercises a role in ensuring the library media center is an integral part of the school’s instructional program
  • Encourages use of the library media center by individuals, small groups, and large groups for research, browsing, recreational reading, and listening
  • Participates in curriculum development and plans regularly with teachers
  • Provides for the incorporation of information and instructional technologies into the school curriculum
  • Provides training in the use of new materials, technology, and equipment
  • Supports classroom teachers in the development of instructional activities, and curriculum with print and non-print materials
  • Assists faculty in the selection of materials to supplement instruction
  • Makes the library media center and its resources accessible to students and faculty
  • Provides orientation for faculty and students


  • Plans and implements a library media center program of library information literacy in collaboration with classroom teachers toward the achievement of the goals of education reform and the academic expectations
  • Informally evaluates individual and group needs and provide appropriate learning experiences
  • Create a climate conducive to learning
  • Provides for independent and cooperative group learning
  • Guides students in the selection of appropriate resources
  • Helps students to develop habits of independent reference work and to develop literacy in the use of reference materials in relation to planned assignments
  • Promotes appreciation of various forms of literature
  • Encourages students to develop lifelong reading, listening, viewing, and critical thinking skills
  • Incorporates the use of technology in assessing information
  • Assist students in the use of multi-media


  • Be clean, neat and professional dressed
  • Be consistently responsible-maintaining regular punctual attendance and timely completion of assigned duties, working assigned contract and extended days and using sick and personal leave appropriately.
  • Maintain professional interpersonal skills using tact, patience, courtesy and cooperative effective relationships with others consistently displaying self-control, honesty and credibility with parents, students, visitors and school personnel.
  •  Act as a district liaison demonstrating positive behavior, interest and concern toward the programs, purposes, goals and efficient operation of the Taylor County Public Schools.
  • Follow the procurement guidelines and purchase order process.
  • Disseminate information/resources in areas of responsibilities.
  • Supervises and provides performance evaluations for assigned personnel.
  • Maintain proper care and safe use of district equipment and property.
  • Participate in required professional development and trainings as assigned or approved for professional job growth, to remain abreast of program requirements/responsibilities and to improve student educational services.
  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy of all school records.
  • Is familiar with and incorporates the use of technology in daily tasks.
  • Adheres with federal, state and district program guidelines, policies, procedures and laws.
  • Adheres to the State Professional Code of Ethics.
  • Performs such other tasks as may, from time to time, be assigned by the Board.

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