Ministries Outreach Programs in the US, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

*New Opportunity* The Refugee Neighborhood Children’s Coordinators (RNCCs): Raleigh, NC– (2 male or 2 female) Graduate/Seminary Students – Spring Semester 2019/Summer 2019

The Refugee Neighborhood Children’s Coordinators (RNCC’s) will be joining a team that serves the refugee community in Raleigh, NC. This team consists of partners with CBF Field Personnel, Kim and Marc Wyatt, two refugee agencies: US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants and Lutheran Services of the Carolinas, members of local CBF congregations and other congregations, and local non-profits.

The Refugee Neighborhood Children’s Coordinators will cultivate beloved community in neighborhoods where newly arrived refugee families live. They will do this by coordinating neighborhood children’s activities to coincide with the English as a Second Language classes that are being taught to adults. The RNCC’s will spend time with the preschoolers while their parent/grandparent(s) are being taught ESL. Sometimes this will include playing

with and caring for the children and other times it will involve assisting the lead preschool teacher in school readiness activities as well as lead teaching.

During after school hours and during the summer the RNCC’s will spend most of their time with elementary/middle/high school students in the neighborhoods. During the school year this involves assisting with homework helps with K-grade 12 students. During the summer this role includes various outdoor activities with the school age children in the neighborhoods during the time that the parents are in ESL class and coordinating youth teams from churches that come to engage the refugee children through recreation, crafts, appropriate Bible storytelling, and snacks. The RNCC’s will also help share orientation for visiting teams and volunteers. The RNCC’s will make visits with the Wyatt’s in the homes of refugee families in the neighborhoods where they serve. It is in these settings where the personal connections are often made which lead to one-on-one opportunities to bear witness to Jesus Christ in culturally appropriate ways. The RNCC’s will live in the Host Residence of Welcome House Raleigh. Skills required: Ability to cross cultures and exhibit cultural sensitivity; Ability to engage children in loving yet firm ways; Ability to direct others in engaging cross culturally; Friendly and enjoys meeting new people; Ability to plan yet able to be flexible as situations require.

Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries & Metro Baptist Church Associate Director of CLUE Camp: New York City, Hell’s Kitchen Community – (1 Student, Male or Female) Graduate/Seminary Student – Summer 2019

Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries and Metro Baptist Church are located in the Hell’s Kitchen community of New York City, a neighborhood located on Manhattan’s midtown west side. Hell’s Kitchen is one of the more diverse communities in NYC, with a mix of white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern families. It is located one half block from the Port Authority bus/subway station, making it a natural gathering place for the community’s most vulnerable.

This is a leadership position with RMM/MBC’s summer CLUE Camp ministry, a 6-week full-day camp for children in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. Summer staff will be under the direction of the youth programming director and will be supervised by CBF field personnel. Along with other summer staff, student leaders will help facilitate the planning of the mission teams that come to host camp by sharing leadership for orientation and debriefings, making sure camp is ready to open each day, preparing all supplies and printed materials for the camp.

During camp sessions, students will help keep programs on time and moving to the right locations. Students will develop relationships with both campers and their families as well as mission team participants. On weekends, students will assist with check-in/check-out of mission teams to the dorms and help with hosting for Metro’s worship service. In June, before camp begins, students will help with various programs of Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries and Metro Baptist Church as well as work to help prepare for the opening of camp. They will be required to attend Spiritual Sojourning sessions with other summer staff. Skills required: Multi-tasking to help with leadership to campers, parents and mission teams. Ability to accept tasks that are outside their comfort zone. (Ex. May be asked to cook a meal for 70 campers, lead a group, de-escalate conflict, etc.) Ability to take initiative and work on a task they recognize needing to be done This position will require fundraising (funds for food).

Together for Hope Ministries (TFH)

Together for Hope was formed in 2001 as a 20-year commitment to the 20 poorest counties in the United States. All of these counties were rural. This was the origins of CBF’s Rural Poverty Initiative, which later became Together for Hope. From our inception, we have adamantly followed the practice of Assets Based Community Development because we are convinced that key to alleviating poverty in these rural areas already exists with the people who are there. It is in these long-term partnerships with local leaders that Together for Hope has been forged as a force for the common good in rural America. As we move forward with new descriptive and more accurate vocabulary, we will continue to focus on our original domains of education, health & nutrition, housing & environment, and social enterprise, but we want to expand our scale. Today, however, there are different counties among the 20

poorest counties in America. As we shift scale, we will focus on the 301 counties of persistent rural poverty that have been identified by the USDA. The ministry is about establishing long-term relationships, listening, learning and walking alongside local leaders. The hope is that communities will be transformed as will the churches and individuals who serve in focal counties.

* Sowing Seeds of Hope (SSOH): Perry County, Alabama— (2-4 Students, Male or Female) Undergraduate or Graduate Students — Summer 2019

SSOH is a holistic ministry addressing issues of systemic poverty in Alabama’s poorest county. Student.Go ‘Life Changers’ for SSOH will assist with volunteer groups and assist in addressing social issues in the community. They will be coordinating group activities and projects between volunteer groups and families in Perry County, visiting families and doing home assessments, as well as taking pictures. They will also work with the local schools, libraries, nursing homes, and churches to identify and/or meet their needs. They will be representative of SSOH and Student.Go as they work with groups and the community, and foster relationships within the community and between volunteers and the community.

SSOH works with the Department of Human Resources and students can gain contextual social work experience and knowledge by working with SSOH to address social issues. Skills required: pleasant personality, good computer skills, media skills, good communication skills—written and verbal, flexibility and willingness to work with and work alongside visiting volunteer teams. Experience working with construction and/or children; personal car is preferred; must have a relationship with Christ and seeking opportunities to share with others. Skills required: Good communication skills, both verbal and written. Good organizational skills and works well independently.

* Delta Hands for Hope Camp Director: Shaw, MS – (2-4 Students, Male or Female) Undergraduate or Graduate Students — Summer 2019

Delta Hands for Hope is a Together for Hope site in Shaw, Mississippi. Our mission is to enhance and develop community assets for children and youth related to health, education, recreation, and spiritual development. During the summer, Delta Hands for Hope provides summer camp opportunities for children in elementary and middle school. Kids Camp includes art, music, Bible study, reading, recreation and enrichment. Middle school camp includes activities such as art, drama, soft-skills training, and technology classes. High school students in our youth leadership club are given the opportunity to complete an internship with us. Student.Go directors will work with local students and outside volunteers to successfully plan and implement our summer camp curriculum. This including scheduling local and incoming volunteers, mentoring high school leaders, coordinating volunteer projects, and providing/leading activities for the children. At the end of the summer, the youth leaders will go on a mission trip, and the Student.Go interns are asked to help chaperone this trip. Skills required: The two most important required skills are flexibility and being a self-starter. We need people that can work independently but also as part of team, and that can transition easily. Other important needed skills are: understanding cultural competency, empathy, experience working with children, effective communication skills, ability and skills to multitask, basic technological skills with computers, experience with social media, and teamwork.

*New Opportunity* Community Outreach Minister: Baptist Temple, San Antonio, TX— (1-2 Students, Male or Female) Undergraduate or Graduate Students – Spring & Fall Semester 2019/Summer 2019/Special Project 2019

Students will work in a racially mixed neighborhood in San Antonio’s Southeast. This has been named a low opportunity area for children due to high dropout rates, few jobs, and other factors. Students cultivate beloved community by working with children age 3-9 to instill in them a vision of themselves as adults that is different than what they see around them. A vision that will help them stay in school and break the cycle of generational poverty.

Students cultivate community by working with people over 60. Helping them make this stage of their life the best stage of life by finding dignity in service as they draw closer to God. We offer Jesus’ love in tangible ways as we seek to build relationships with the folks in our community to lead them in a growing relationship with Christ. There are many assets in our community, some native and some government funded. Our goal is to encourage people of all ages to take small steps to gain greater independence. We want people to live the abundant life that Jesus promised. We want the gospel to be good news to the financially and spiritually poor.

Community Outreach Minister who will directly interact with the diverse members of our community through our food and clothing ministries and our community garden. They will help coordinate life skills classes for adults and children. They will assist and participate in Sunday worship. During the summer they will lead visiting mission teams: providing meals, ministry projects, worship and recreation. Skills required: Ability to work in a culturally diverse environment; Ability to relate to energetic urban children and teens; Musical ability a plus but not required; Must be a team player willing to adjust for the sake of the ministry.

*New Opportunity* Metanoia Summer Community Developer Fellows: North Charleston, SC— (Up to 3 Students, Male or Female) Undergraduate or Graduate Students – Summer 2019

Come learn and serve alongside an award winning holistic community development organization. Metanoia Community Development Corporation ( is engaged in Asset Based Community Development alongside the most distressed communities in the Charleston, SC region. Fellows engage in a variety of experiences, from mentoring youth to assisting in the leadership of volunteer groups serving alongside Metanoia in the community. They also have opportunities to learn and serve through assisting with marketing, grant writing and other essential non-profit functions, as well as grow through all of Metanoia’s efforts to invest in neighborhood assets to build leaders, establish quality housing and generate economic development.

By virtue of their deep involvement across Metanoia’s holistic community development efforts, MCD Fellows have opportunities to learn and grow in their knowledge and understanding of the kind of community development work that is Metanoia’s specialty. MCD Fellows also are engaged in educational opportunities, provided by Metanoia, that expand their understanding and ability to implement key concepts of holistic and asset-based community development. Upon acceptance of a position, Metanoia will work closely with a MCD Fellow to design a site placement through the summer months that utilizes the MCD Fellow’s particular gifts and exposes them to the side(s) of our work that they are most interested in. Skills required: Candidates should have basic computer literacy skills and be willing to work in a variety of environments. Flexibility, adaptability and a willingness to grow one’s self through this experience are the most important skills needed. Metanoia uses a strengths-based approach to staffing its programs so the MCD Fellow will have an inventory done of their own strengths and passions and these will be applied in the most effective manner to the dynamic work that Metanoia performs.

*New Opportunity* Koinonia Farm and Community Intern: Americus, GA (Up to 4 Students, Male or Female) Undergraduate or Graduate Students – Spring & Fall Semester 2019/Summer 2019/Special Project 2019

Koinonia Farm is an intentional Christian community located in Southwest Georgia. Interns at Koinonia Farm live and work alongside the community for their entire term. The internship consists of three main components-education, work, and spiritual. When they come to Koinonia Farm, interns will study together topics such as intentional community, racial reconciliation, radical hospitality, sustainable farming, and other related issues. Interns also work with members of the community in a variety of ways, helping the community to continue their main ministries of hospitality and sustainable farming. Koinonia interns work both on and off the farm to practice love through service to others. The spiritual component of the internship is enacted with morning chapel, daily prayer and Scripture, Gathered Worship once a week, and the weekly practice of Examen.

The internship program at Koinonia beautifully exemplifies the CBF Mission Distinctives of cultivating beloved community, bearing witness to Jesus Christ, and seeking transformational development. Interns learn to build community among themselves and within the larger community at Koinonia. They read, study, and discuss

life in community, but most importantly they experience it every day on the farm. From its beginning in 1942, Koinonia Farm has followed the principles of Jesus Christ laid out in the Sermon on the Mount. During the early days, this meant boycotts, bombs, and bullets from neighbors because Koinonia practiced pacifism and racial equality. Today, Koinonia works to continue to follow these teachings of Christ by living out their vision statement of love through service to others, joy through generous hospitality, and peace through reconciliation. Koinonia also seeks to feed the hungry both physically and spiritually

Koinonia is a working farm, a house of hospitality, a place of service both on and off the farm. Interns work with us in a variety of areas during their stay with us. However, the internship is an invitation into a way of life, not just the work of our life and is meant to be a holistic experience. Skills required: No specific skills are required for interns at Koinonia Farm. If you have an interest in sustainable farming or gardening, you will have an opportunity to work with our farm and gardens. If you like to cook and want to learn how to feed large groups of people, you can have an opportunity to help prepare meals for the community. If you like practicing hospitality and creating welcoming spaces for guests, you will have an opportunity to serve with our hospitality team. If you are not sure what skills or interests you have, Koinonia will have a place for you as well!

National Baptist Memorial Church (NBMC): Washington, D.C. – (2-3 students, Male or Female) Undergraduate Students – Summer 2019

National Baptist Memorial Church is located in one of the most ethnically and socioeconomically diverse neighborhoods of Washington, DC. Camp counselors will work with “Explorer Camp,” one of NBMC’s most significant local mission endeavors. As camp counselors, students will lead classroom lessons, support planned daily activities, and group events. Counselors will also lead field trips and daily outings while attempting to maintain a disciplined, safe, and supportive environment for children to learn and grow. Counselors will assist with the distribution, and sometimes preparation, of three meals a day for children attending the camp. Throughout the summer the counselors will have the opportunity to work with a diverse group children and families from our local community and the greater DC metro area, while attempting to create fun, exciting, spiritually and emotionally enriching summer memories. Counselors will also serve as ambassadors to mission teams and other volunteers working with camp. Skills required: experience working with children and community outreach, experience working with camp, VBS or retreats, flexibility, willingness to work on a team, ability to speak Spanish is preferred, but not required.

Andrew P. Stewart Center: Atlanta, GA— (2 students, Male or Female) Undergraduate or Graduate Students – Summer 2019

The Andrew P. Stewart Center is a community development non-profit organization that focuses on education, wellness, housing, and economic development. The Center’s vision is to see our neighbors living purposeful lives in pursuit of their full potential. We partner with families to promote strong communities through educational initiatives, wellness resources, and housing solutions.

The Andrew P. Stewart Center offers a Summer Camp for elementary students. Student.Go interns at the Center will provide leadership for the summer day camp. The camp engages over 60 children in experiential learning opportunities that focus on academic readiness, spiritual growth, leadership and character development. Student.Go interns, along with, community members, high school youth, and volunteers will provide leadership for the Summer Camp.

The Center’s summer camp has several components. Camp Counselors could provide leadership in the areas of VBS (Bible story, crafts, games, music), recreation, educational activities, worship/assembly, swimming and field trips. Counselors will be assigned to a group of children, designated by age, that they will lead the entire summer. Counselors will work to provide stability and continuity for the summer’s activities. The counselor’s primary responsibility is to guide children through an interactive summer of fun and learning. Counselors are expected to help provide a Christ-centered, positive, welcoming, safe and enjoyable atmosphere for the children and volunteers. Skills required: students must have experience working with elementary students; must possess interpersonal skills such as the ability to communicate with adults as well as children; need to possess good conflict resolution skills along with the ability to relate to people of varying social, racial and economic

backgrounds; need to be able to take instruction from leadership while also being able to function without specific instructions; demonstrate an interest in educational topics including STEM, literacy, and Math; demonstrate an interest in recreational activities including swimming, field games, and sports; must possess a level of patience that allows them to be flexible; must appreciate the life situation of each child and seek to celebrate God’s gifts in the children’s lives; must have a passion for working with children and working with an under-appreciated population.

Crescent Hill Baptist Church Children and Youth Intern: Louisville, KY – (2-4 Students, Male or Female) Undergraduate or Graduate Students – Summer 2019

Crescent Hill Baptist Church is located in Louisville, KY. Our church is an international congregation and a welcoming and affirming congregation. About 35% of our congregation are refugees from the Burma/Thai border. Interns will be working predominately with elementary, middle and high school aged Karen refugees through a variety of summer activities. Students cultivate beloved community by bridging cultural gaps so that the U.S. born community and refugee community of the church can connect at deeper levels and grow stronger. The student interns will bear witness to Jesus Christ in the local context by seeing the love of God span cultural, economic, and language barriers. These summer programs and activities give refugee students opportunities for language development and experiences that will allow them to be more successful in school and more easily interact with the wider community. Skills required: Driving 15 passenger vans (if over 21 years). Experience with refugee populations. Experience with elementary children, specifically with English Language Learners. Basic computer skills. Teaching experience or education majors a plus. Intern must be able to bring a car to the field. Prefer interns to be 21+ so that they can drive the church vans. Students must be independent workers. The interns will be working with both elementary children and middle and high school students. Prefer 2 males and 2 females.

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