Multiple Positions, Department for Community Based Services, Full-Time/ Part-Time, Multiple Locations


The mission of the Department for Community Based Services is to build an effective and efficient

system of care with Kentucky’s citizens and communities

to: Reduce poverty, adult and child maltreatment, and

their effects: Advance person and family self-sufficiency, recovery,

and resiliency: Assure all children have safe and nurturing homes and communities; and Recruit andretain a workforce and partners that operate with integrity and transparency.


New jobs are posted each day and can be viewed at .

BR #                              Position                                         Expires                    Location

60833BR              SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I               4/16/2018            Kenton County

60842BR              SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I               4/16/2018            Boyd County

60844BR              OFFICE SUPPORT ASSISTANT II        4/16/2018            Jefferson County

60845BR              SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I               4/16/2018            Rowan County

60852BR              SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I               4/16/2018            Fayette County

60854BR              SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I               4/19/2018            Boone County

60913BR              OFFICE SUPPORT ASSISTANT II         4/21/2018            Leslie County

60914BR              SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I                4/21/2018            Lyon County

60916BR              SOCIAL SERVICE AIDE I                        4/21/2018            Marshall County

60918BR             OFFICE SUPPORT ASSISTANT II         4/21/2018             Graves County

60919BR             OFFICE SUPPORT ASSISTANT II         4/21/2018             Calloway County

60921BR             OFFICE SUPPORT ASSISTANT II         4/21/2018          Lyon County

60927BR            SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I                4/21/2018          Shelby County

60928BR            SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I               4/21/2018           Hardin County

60930BR            SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I               4/21/2018           Meade County

60931BR            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III    4/21/2018           Fayette County

60933BR            ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III    4/21/2018          Franklin County

60938BR            SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I               4/21/2018          Pendleton County

60941BR            OFFICE SUPPORT ASSISTANT II        4/21/2018          Muhlenberg County

60942BR            FAMILY SUPPORT SPECIALIST I       4/21/2018          Muhlenberg County

60943BR            FAMILY SUPPORT SPECIALIST I       4/21/2018          Christian County

60955BR            SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I              4/22/2018          Campbell County

60964BR           OFFICE SUPPORT ASSISTANT II        4/22/2018          Menifee County

60966BR           SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I               4/22/2018          Knox County

60998BR           FAMILY SUPPORT SPECIALIST I       4/23/2018          Campbell County

60999BR           FAMILY SUPPORT SPECIALIST I       4/23/2018          Grant County

61000BR           FAMILY SUPPORT SPECIALIST I       4/23/2018           Larue County

61004BR           FAMILY SUPPORT SPECIALIST I       4/23/2018           Wolfe County

61006BR           SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I              4/23/2018           Jefferson County

61007BR           SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER I              4/23/2018           Jefferson County

Apply online at . Salary and job requirements can also be viewed on the website. You must set-up an account, complete the online application, and apply for each position of interest. Jobs are posted for ten days and can be removed at any time. The website is updated daily so check back often.

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