Part Time Employment for College Students at TG Kentucky, LLC in Lebanon, KY

Position title:

Part Time Employment for College Students

Company Name:

TG Kentucky, LLC

Location of job:

Lebanon, KY

part time:

Job description:

Production support
Multiple positions Assembly process, Inspection, etc.
4 hours — 5 days per week
8 hours — 3 days per week
Job Location : TG Kentucky, LLC. , Lebanon, KY.
Please send your resume and transcript
MUST BE Current Full Time College Student
You will learn the values of TOYOTA manufacturing system, how global business flows. This experience can lead you in your future career path.

Company address:

633 E Main St.
Lebanon, Kentucky 40033
United States

Contact information:

Alex Franklin

(270) 699-3572

Apply online at:,-LLC/jobs/College-Part-Time-Employment-28a148a905a50da3?sjdu=QwrRXKrqZ3CNX5W-O9jEvfgk8y9BDMtDHsvuCRqCOO7pcmlhq_qd3yd-Pfnp_CMiUED0nMS7LSwcTpX1HLr28GVwE9_PO7v9Jm4_6YWEEuc&tk=1d1r0920v18f5006&adid=211915047&vjs=3

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