Platoon Leaders Class (PLC)/ Paid internship, Marine Corps – Quantico, VA

  • As a student of Campbellsville University, it may be important for you to have an internship, Co-Op, or an experiential learning course, and we may have an option for you. I am Captain Done, and I manage a program called Platoon Leaders Class (PLC). PLC may just be the opportunity that you are looking for. PLC allows you to earn college credit, and learn valuable leadership skills while being paid.
  • PLC is available for freshmen through juniors currently enrolled in an accredited college or university such as yours. (Similar opportunities available to seniors, graduates and graduate students up to age 34). During the course, you will earn college credit (accredited through the American Council on Education or ACE). The goal of the course is to teach you to use critical thinking, problem-solving, team building, and most importantly leadership skills, in stressful and chaotic situations. This is accomplished through lectures, guided discussions, demonstrations, practical exercises, and written examinations in leadership principles and skills, military courtesy and customs, and physical fitness training.
  • You will be paid approximately $3,702 for six weeks of training for freshmen and sophomores or $6,170 for ten weeks of training (for juniors, seniors and graduates). PLC Candidates who decide to continue with the program after returning from training will be eligible to receive an additional $8,350 for college and personal expenses each subsequent year (max of 3 years).
  • The training takes place during the summer in Quantico, Virginia. The scheduling goal is that our training program does not interfere with your academic schedule, as you must be enrolled full-time at your university to maintain eligibility. During the school year, there are no mandatory activities or classes that will interfere with your academic course load. We expect that you maintain full-time enrollment and a GPA of 2.0 or higher. You must be a U.S. citizen to apply.
  • There is absolutely no obligation to join the military if you decide to participate. Although upon successful completion of the training and ALL academic requirements at college, you will be OFFERED a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. This offer can be accepted or declined with no penalties or paybacks. This allows you to use the program to gain marketable leadership experience without committing to service in the Marines. Similarly, it allows you to sample military life to see if it is a fit for you.


If you are interested in more information or would like to learn if you qualify, please reply to this email/give us a call at 859-440-3982.


For more information, please contact Lydia L. Done Capt, Officer Selection Officer

Office: 859-440-3982 Cell: 859-619-9255