Platoon Leaders Class, United States Marine Corps – Lexington, KY


Have you made plans for summer 22? It isn’t too early to apply for the Platoon Leaders Class (PLC). PLC will allow you to earn money over the summer and gain valuable experience.

During training you can expect to earn:

$3,702 for six weeks of training for freshmen and sophomores

$6,170 for ten weeks of training for juniors

In addition, you will receive up to 12 college credits, and learn marketable leadership skills such as:

-Critical thinking

-Problem solving

-Team building

-Performance counseling

-Briefing (public speaking)


If you complete PLC and decide to continue the program you will be eligible to receive an additional $8,350 for college and personal expenses each subsequent year (max of 3 years).

PLC training is in Quantico, Virginia and the Marine Corps covers all expenses associated with your travel and training. We have scheduled the course during the summer to prevent it from interfering with your spring and fall semesters since participants must be enrolled full-time in college.

 Unlike other programs, you will have no obligations during the school year that distract from your ability to focus on academics. Participants are required to maintain full-time enrollment and a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

If you decide to attend PLC there is absolutely no obligation to join the military. If you complete all of the PLC training and ALL academic requirements at college, you will be OFFERED a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. There is no obligation to accept this commission. If you have ever considered serving as an officer in the military, this option will allow you to experience military training without committing to a term of service.

A similar opportunity is available for seniors and graduates up to the age of 34.


If interested, please contact Lydia Done. Office: 859-440-3982 Cell: 859-619-9255, Email:



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