Professional Staff & Frontline Careers at US Customs & Border Protection

Frontline Careers Available: Border Patrol Agent, CBP Officer, Air Interdiction Agent, Marine Interdiction Agent, Aviation Enforcement Agent and Agriculture Specialist.

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Professional Staff Careers Available: CBP has thousands of employees working in interesting and complex mission and operations support roles such as cyber security, forensic laboratory services, international affairs, international trade, and intelligence research. CBP posts all professional job opportunities on

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Some examples of professional careers include:

Revenue Positions

Import specialist
International trade specialist
Textile analyst
Financial Management

Operational Support

Intelligence Research Specialists
Sector Enforcement Specialists
CBP Technicians
Cyber Security
Forensics and Laboratory Services
International Affairs
Policy and Planning
Professional Responsibility

Mission Support

IT Specialists
Management Analysts
Contract Specialists
Human Resource Specialists
Mission Support Specialists
Budget Analysts
Purchasing Agents
Security Specialists
Human Resources
Training and Development

Counsel/Legal Positions


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