Salesperson/Customer Service (part-time), CPR Cell Phone Repair, Campbellsville KY

Sales Associate/Customer Service

As a sales associate in a CPR Cell Phone Repair location in Campbellsville, you hold responsibilities that are critical to the success of the store. You are directly responsible for the customer service experience. It is your responsibility to assist any customer that comes through the door in a professional and timely manner. You will be responsible for the entire front end of the store. Cleaning and restocking inventory fall under this category. All phone calls and email inquiries fall under your jurisdiction; although you may need to seek assistance from your technical team to answer some of the more technical questions. You should be monitoring trends alongside the lead technician on defective parts, repeated re-repairs, and broken parts. Being mindful of numbers and setting revenue goals is important.

Skill Requirements- (Salary – To be negotiated based on experience and qualifications)
  1. Ability to oversee multiple areas of the operation at once and delegate
  2. Ability to develop and maintain a consistent and efficient workflow
  3. Ability to monitor trends in all areas of the store: Sales, Repairs, Warranties, Part defects, Etc.
  4. Proficient with POS System and balancing the cash register
  5. Ability to reach sales goals
  6. Exceptional customer service skills
  7. Some understanding of technical “lingo”
  8. Ability to Up-sell and finish a sale
  9. Good understanding of our disclaimers
  10. Good understanding of our in-store warranty system
  11. Ability to answer email inquiries
  12. Ability to answer and communicate effectively with customers over the telephone
  13. Ability to handle B2B accounts and keep them organized (Passed down from outside sales/owners)
  14. Ability to effectively handle customer complaints
  15. Handle Email Estimates Requests
  16. Assisting the Store Manager
  17. Maintaining Store Inventory of Accessories
  18. Maintaining quality store appearance.

To Apply


Daniela Phillips

Store Manager

(270) 283-4768



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