Social Studies Teacher (FT), Taylor County Schools, Campbellsville, KY

Taylor County Middle School is hiring for a Full Time Social Studies Teacher in Campbellsville, KY.

RESPONSIBLE TO: principal or other appropriate administrators

QUALIFICATIONS: as set by board and state certification authorities (teacher certification)


To instruct pupils in academic, social, behavioral and educational core content/skills of assigned subject and student grade level and help students in making determination of career and vocational choices.

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES include but not limited to:

  • Teaches the Kentucky Core Content and District Curriculum at the assigned grade level
  • Displays Core Content being taught daily
  • Models effective teaching practices and maintains a professional demeanor
  • Performs ongoing, frequent and specific assessments to gauge the learning of students
  • Models the characteristics of professional behavior
  • Instructs effectively with technology and teaches tools of technology within coursework
  • Modifies instruction for students with disabilities, gifted students, 504 students PSP, or students with modification plans.
  • Demonstrates professional etiquette to colleagues and is a contributing member of the school’s community
  • Actively involves parents in their child’s education, including the provision of frequent indicators of progress
  • Implements Infinite Campus.
  • Confers with students, parents, and school counselor/administrator to resolve student concerns
  • Selects, stores, orders, issues, cares for and inventories equipment, materials, and supplies used in the classroom
  • Supervises students, including activities such as field trips and school-related programs
  • Fosters cooperative social behavior to assist children in forming satisfying relationships with other children and adults
  • Instruct students in multiple intelligence modes targeting various learning styles
  • Instructs children in practices of personal cleanliness and self care
  • Maintains a welcoming, orderly, safe and attractive physical environment in the classroom
  • Establishes and maintains high standards of student behavior
  • Annually completes and implements an Individualized Professional Growth Plan
  • Participates in ongoing professional development
  • Assumes out of class responsibilities
  • Set goals and objectives, plan learning activities related to the goals and objectives in order to teach the skills and/or content materials and evaluate and report the progress of the pupils assigned to him/her
  • Prepare unit plans, goals and objectives and learning objectives using the adopted curriculum guide for each subject area and class

OTHER JOB RESPONSIBILITIES include but not limited to:

  • Be consistently responsible-maintaining regular punctual attendance and timely completion of assigned duties, working assigned contract and extended days and using sick and personal leave appropriately.
  • Disseminate information/resources in areas of responsibilities.
  • Supervises and provides performance evaluations for assigned personnel.
  • Maintain proper care and safe use of district equipment and property.
  • Participate in required professional development and trainings as assigned or approved for professional job growth, to remain abreast of program requirements/responsibilities and to improve student educational services.
  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy of all school records.
  • Is familiar with and incorporates the use of technology in daily tasks.
  • Adheres with federal, state and district program guidelines, policies, procedures and laws.
  • Adheres to the State Professional Code of Ethics.
  • Performs such other tasks as may, from time to time, be assigned by the Board.

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