Teachers for Middle and High School (certification not required) in Louisville, KY

Institution: Teach Kentucky

Location: Louisville, KY

Category: Teacher for Middle and High School

Posted: 9/11/19

Type: Full-time

Contact: Timothy Kendrick (502) 4548-0830 tim@teachkentucky.com

Online App Form: https://teachkentucky.com/apply/



Teach Kentucky (www.teachkentucky.com) is seeking college graduates (by June 2020) in most majors to teach full time in priority public middle and high schools of the Greater Louisville, KY area while pursuing an Alternative Route Teacher Certification via a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree. Our cohort members serve as the teachers of record in their classrooms and receive a full time teacher’s salary and benefits while simultaneously earning their certification.

About Teach Kentucky:
Teach Kentucky, an AmeriCorps program, recruits college graduates to launch their teaching careers in Louisville, Kentucky’s public schools. For 17 years, we have recruited energetic, passionate, and tenacious would-be educators to our program from 40+ states and more than 100 top-tier colleges and universities.
Now in our 18th recruiting season, we are proud to have assembled more than $800,000 of funding for our candidates in 2020-21 from AmeriCorps, Jefferson County Public Schools, university partners, local foundations, and more. This means that the majority of our candidates pay little to no tuition for their Master of Arts in Teaching.
Beyond funding, Teach Kentucky provides robust support for teachers during their first two years and beyond, as they teach full time while earning their MAT. We seek applicants with a deep content knowledge and a desire to make a difference in an urban public school environment.

Accepted applicants will receive:
From Teach Kentucky:
$12,190 towards tuition or loans from AmeriCorps Segal Education Award
A free month of transitional housing, plus summer relocation help
7 week Summer Institute (new teacher training)
Extensive mentor support team during the first two years

From Jefferson County Public Schools:
Same starting salary and benefits as all other beginning teachers, currently $43,128 plus annual pay increases. and a pay increase of approx. $7,000 upon completion of MAT
Up to $4000 relocation incentive
Reimbursement of Praxis Subject Assessment Exams in content area(s)
District-specific scholarships available for critical-needs hires: currently – Math, Sciences, and Dual Content
The majority of STEM and Dual Cert teachers are eligible to receive financial support of nearly 100% of MAT tuition cost

Qualifications to Apply:
Bachelor’s degree conferred by June 2020
Ability and desire to relocate to Louisville, KY by June 1, 2020
Minimum 2.75* cumulative undergraduate GPA at time of graduation, 3.0 or higher preferred
Citizen, national, or permanent resident of the United States.
A desire to become an exceptional teacher
*The minimum GPA is mandated by the state of Kentucky
To apply go to https://www.teachkentucky.com/apply/
***For answers to questions, don’t hesitate to call or email:
Rowan Claypool, Founder and President, (502) 599-5061, rowan@teachkentucky.com

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