Teachers for Middle & High School – Certification Not Required, Teach Kentucky, Full-time, Louisville, KY

Position Title: Teachers for Middle & High School – Certification Not Required

Full-time or Part-time: Full-time

Company Name: Teach Kentucky

Location of job: Louisville, KY

Company Address: 907 Barret Ave., Louisville, KY 40204

Contact Email Address: tim@teachkentucky.com

Position Description:

Teach Kentucky (www.teachkentucky.com) is seeking college graduates in most majors to teach full time in priority public middle and high schools of the Greater Louisville, KY area while pursuing an Alternative Route Teacher Certification via a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree. You will be the teacher of record in a classroom earning a full time teacher’s salary while you earn your certification.

While education majors and certified teachers are certainly welcome to apply, our primary interest is in those who are not certified nor in a certification track, but who have a desire to teach or at least explore teaching as a possible career.

Teach Kentucky focuses on providing a supportive environment and sense of community where teachers are encouraged to use creativity and innovative teaching techniques to enrich the lives of students, the face of education, and their own lives.

“Teach Kentucky emphasizes individual teacher support, which is critical during the first year of teaching, as well as a sense of camaraderie with fellow teachers, and connection to the Louisville community.” – Paul Barnwell, 14-year teacher


* Six-week Summer Institute focusing on content specific lesson planning, behavior management, classroom organization techniques, and career development training.

*One-on-one support inside and outside the classroom with a Retired Master Teacher Advocate.

*One-on-one content lesson plan coaching with a veteran Teach Kentucky teacher.

*Practice teaching sessions.

*Classroom observations.

*Enrollment in an alternative route to certification Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

*Social events and community connections.


Our 160+ teachers have an outstanding track record of going above and beyond their classroom responsibilities to make a difference. Three have gone on to become the youngest Assistant Principals in their districts. One of our teachers has recently become one of the youngest Principals in their district. In addition to this, we have a state Teacher of the Year recipient, several who have gained National Board Certification and others who published in national education journals. Over 70% of our teachers gain leadership roles in their schools after the first year.


Through Teach Kentucky, you have the opportunity not only to educate, but also to inspire positive change in the lives of your students, making a significant difference in the school where you teach. As a teacher, you will be challenged every day to push your students towards their potential. Your impact doesn’t stop in the classroom, however. Teach Kentucky helps foster relationships with other members of the community so that you are truly able to make a difference in the city as well as benefit from those broader relationships.


*Bachelor’s degree by June

*Minimum 2.75** cumulative undergraduate GPA at time of graduation. 3.0 GPA preferred.

**The minimum GPA is mandated by our partner universities for the MAT.

Apply online at: http://teachkentucky.com/apply/  or contact Rowan Claypool 502-599-5061 / rowan@teachkentucky.com


*Full-time teacher employed by the school district with the same starting salary and benefits as all other beginning teachers. (Salary varies by district but most are in the $42,500+ range).

*Up to $2000 relocation incentive.

*Reimbursement of Praxis Subject Assessment Exams (SAEs) in core content area(s).

*Free month of transitional housing.

*Extensive mentor support team during your first year.

*Annual pay increases.

*Pay increase of $4,000 upon completion of MAT.

*Waiver for out-of-state MAT tuition, a savings of over $6,000.

*Various district specific scholarships available for high critical need content teachers. Critical needs vary from year to year.

*STEM merit scholarship competitively awarded for up to 80% of MAT tuition cost.

*Multiple other scholarships and grants available depending on a variety of factors which may cover up to 80% of MAT tuition cost.

Contact Name: Timothy Kendrick

Website Address for Applying Online:  http://www.teachkentucky.com/apply/

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