Wave 3 News is hiring a production assistant in Louisville, Ky

Position Title: production assistant focusing on the technical aspects of newscast production.

Company Name: Wave 3 News

Location of Job: Louisville, Ky

Full time

Contact information:

Sandy Osborne Executive Assistant * Human Resources/ office: 502-561-4140 sosborne@wave3.com

Website to apply:


Job description:

This position performs various roles for our studio newscasts and digital OTT productions. An ideal candidate for this position must thrive in a live production atmosphere and be able to react quickly to any issues that arise. We believe in cross training as much as possible, meaning once you have the necessary training, you could be doing a different position every day. Daily duties for this position include running studio cameras, floor directing, operating an audio console, and running graphics using a chyron graphics system. This position is perfect for someone looking to get their foot in the door of a TV newsroom/control room. People in this job are exposed to every role in a newsroom/production control room and, in many cases, are able to use that information to grow further into a television career. The hours do vary and may include early mornings, late nights, and weekends. Please apply online and attach resume. Please apply online at 


*Run the studio as floor director, coordinating camera and talent moves throughout the newscast and communicating relevant information to talent and director.

*Operate studio cameras

*Operate audio console

*Operate chyron graphics system

*Contribute to digital platforms (wave3.com, WAVE 3 News OTT products, social media, etc.)


While this is an entry level position, some previous television experience is preferred, whether that be professionally or through school.

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