WDRB-TV, Production Assistant, Louisville KY

This position will consist of:

* Operating studio cameras for live/taped productions

* Operating studio lighting system for live/taped productions

* Operating audio console for live/taped productions

* Stage managing for live/taped productions

* Operating Deko graphics system for live/taped productions

* Editing promos on AVID Media Composer

* Reports to Director, Production

Salary/Wage: negotiable


RTwo or more years of television experience including:

* Ability to communicate

* Operating studio cameras

* Operating lighting system

* Operating studio audio console

* Stage managing

* Operating Deko graphics system

* Operating AVID Media Composer

Minimum Requirements:


* Bachelor’s Degree in Television Production or related field desirable

* Proven experience in studio production, including Deko computer, camera operation, lighting and audio desirable

* General experience in television production welcome

Contact Information:

Name: David Callan

E-mail: dcallan@wdrb.com

Phone: Fax: (502) 589-5559

Start Posting Date: November 15, 2016

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