Youth Minister(PT),Rock Haven Baptist Church,Brandenburg KY

General Description:
The Minister of Youth, after joining the church upon assumption of duties, is responsible to the church to:
1. Develop accountability to the church and to the pastor in personal devotions and public ministry.
2. Support the church through a positive portrayal of the church’s various ministries to the community.
3. Work together with the pastor, the deacons, and the church in developing new programs related to the areas of youth.
4. Serve as a member of the church council representing the areas of the youth.
1. In cooperation with Sunday School Director, develop, plan and prepare Sunday School lessons and Bible studies for youth that are interesting and challenging.
2. Work with youth division leaders in planning a program for leading youth to a knowledge of the plan of salvation and disciplining them in Christian growth.
3. Maintain a high personal level of integrity around the youth.
4. Provide activities at least quarterly for the youth however, more are encouraged. Involve youth in home church activities as well as youth activities
5. Observe, evaluate and make recommendations for needed changes, equipment and furnishing needs of youth areas. Also, evaluate policies and procedures considering youth input.
6. Study new materials, programs, curriculum, and educational methods for youth making recommendations accordingly.
7. Lead in planning, preparation and conducting of special age-group activities and programs appropriate for the spiritual growth of the youth in the church. These activities may include Youth Week, Vacation Bible School for Youth, retreats, camps, fellowships, banquets, and so forth.
8. Provide outlets for the gifts of the youth group that are edifying to spiritual growth such as youth choir, drama teams, puppet ministries or creative ministries, members, potential leaders, and to those in crisis or in the hospital, as it pertains to the youth division.
Specific Responsibilities:
1. Maintain one-to-one contact with the individual youth.
2. Prepare an annual budget along with the Finance Committee for the needs of the youth division and administer the approved budget according to policy.
3. Work with the youth, youth representatives, and youth leaders. The committee will meet annually to discuss the needs of the youth budget and to prepare a yearly calendar of events and plan fund raisers as needed.
4. Promote a regular program of visitation in the department to prospective youth candidates.
5. Notify the pastor and the deacons of any needed absences, vacations, etc. Complete a time off request form for approval.
6. Attend quarterly business meetings and provide a report at each meeting.


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