Youth Works Summer Staff- nationwide openings (seasonal)

Position: YouthWorks Summer Staff

Company: YouthWorks

Location of Job: Nationwide

Full time or Part time: Part time (Seasonal)

Company Address: 5320 W. 23rd St. Suite 130 Minneapolis, MN 55416


Phone number: 877.249.9904


Position Description: JOB DESCRIPTIONS

YouthWorks offers several types of summer staff positions/internships. Although each team member shares many of the same job responsibilities on site, each unique position emphasizes different areas of leadership. All summer staff receive their community information and are trained at the beginning of the summer. For example, YouthWorks does not expect all Work Projects Coordinators to know how to teach every aspect of home painting prior to being hired. The main thing we ask is that you would be willing to learn.

Staff work together to create a spiritually focused and servant-centered mission site. All staff participate in evening programming in a leadership capacity and interact with youth at every opportunity. Other responsibilities include building relationships with community members, coordinating one meal a day, and having a weekly check-in time with your supervisor. Staff must be flexible, teachable, and willing to grow in all areas. The specific position descriptions are as follows:



Promote an environment on site where youth connect their service to Jesus as you interact with them daily. Love and encourage students in their experience and faith journey. Support daily work projects, children’s programming, or service sites. Plan and facilitate a large group gathering each evening that includes worship, sharing, processing and interaction with provided theme materials. Lead evening activities that connect youth with the community in which they are serving.


Enable participants to participate in ministry while they experience the joy of loving kids ages 5-10. Facilitate a daily Kids Club and coordinate morning service opportunities. Provide leadership for participants as they create crafts, plan games, practice songs, and make a Bible story come alive. Come to know and love community kids and their families as you work with them for an entire summer. See life change first hand as youth have the chance to love children with Jesus’ love. Kids Club Coordinators must be bold and confident in leading at-risk children.


Lead ministry by getting to know the various needs of a community and then discover how volunteers can help a local organization make a difference. Network with social service and ministry organizations to coordinate service opportunities for teenagers. See lives change as teenagers are taken out of their comfort zones and come face to face with Jesus in a new way.


Help youth engage in ministry by building relationships with community members through work projects (painting, gardening, and minor home repair projects). Learn how to set up projects and partner with local community contacts and home owners. Teach participants the basics of painting and watch them be transformed as they serve in new ways. See the lasting effect on both community members whose homes have been improved, as well as the teens and adults who completed the repairs.


Utility Staff begin the summer assigned to a region, not a specific community. Be a “jack of all trades” and serve in a variety of areas. Be trained for several positions and offer support to Site Coordinators. Coordinate daily service activities and see participants’ lives change as they experience Christ through service. Support teams with spiritual encouragement and a servant attitude. Staff must be flexible and willing to adapt to changing roles and locations. Utility Staff may move from team to team throughout the summer in a support role, but at any point during the spring or summer, Utility Support Coordinators may be permanently placed with a team to fill an open position.



Potential summer staff must be at least one year out of high school to meet our minimum application requirements. Candidates must demonstrate good judgment and problem-solving skills, able to handle responsibility and have leadership experience. Staff should value youth and be passionate about serving. See our website for more detailed information about qualifications.

Compensation:  $2,750 + food/gas/housing

Dates of Employment    The dates for full-summer employment are May 21-August 8, 2018.

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