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Certificate in Christian Ministry

Program Information

The Certificate in Christian Ministry is a 27-Hour, 9-course program of study intended to help students better themselves in the areas of biblical knowledge, ministry preparation, and Christian theology. This program can be completed in 1 year fully online.

Certificate Courses

CHS 111 Introduction to Old Testament Study (3 hrs)

CHS 121 Introduction to New Testament Study (3 hrs)

CHS 130 Christ and Culture (3 hrs)

CHS 352 Pastoral Ministries (3 hrs)

CHS 353 Ministry of Proclamation (3 hrs)

CHS 354 Christian Evangelism (3 hrs)

CHS 432 Christian Theology (3 hrs)

CHS 451 Growing a Healthy Church (3 hrs)*

CHS 471 Church History (3 hrs)

PHI 241 Introduction to Philosophy (3 hrs)

CHS Upper Division Old Testament Studies Course

CHS Upper Division New Testament Stdies Course

* Upper Division Elective. Many other courses can be substituted based on sequence and scheduling.

This program is also available in a 100% online format. Learn more about Campbellsville University’s online Certificate in Christian Ministry.

Learn about the Certificate in Christian Ministry Gainful Employment Disclosure.