Campbellsville University hears about community from CU alumnus, Rev. Rick Howerton

Sept. 24, 2010
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By Caleb Harris, student news writer

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky.— “There are times in life when we need someone close to us to remind us of the grace of God.”
The Rev. Rick Howerton recently visited his alma mater, Campbellsville University, and spoke about the dire need for community and not individuality. He addressed students, staff and coaches at the chapel service.

 Rev. Rick Howerton
                 Rev. Rick Howerton

Howerton, a 1981 graduate of CU, is the director of events and training and small group specialist for Serendipity by Lifeway.

In his sermon, he noted that the first community was the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. He said loneliness is not a part of life in which God intended for us. This is the reason that God created Eve to serve as a companion for Adam. “God sets the lonely wanderers in families,” Howerton said.

Howerton also said Christians must understand that Jesus is not just coming back to get them; when he comes he will retrieve everyone who believes in him and who live their lives accordingly.

“Our past experiences create hurts and issues within our life. This is the reason why you need someone to remind you of the grace of God,” Howerton said. He explained that everyone has emotional intervals to communicate with others if we have God in our lives.

He used personal examples of he and his wife, Julie Clay Howerton, who is a 1980 CU graduate, to show the need for companionship in a person’s life. Howerton pointed out that life is not perfect like the books we used to read as children. “It is unrealistic to believe that life will have ‘once upon a time beginnings’ and ‘happily ever after endings,’” Howerton said.

Also, Howerton said everyone struggles with their own problems no matter what their outside appearance may reflect. He said, “The people you think are the holiest also struggle with everyday sin. You must always remember that God forgives.”

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