Campbellsville University offers reduced cost classes during summer

May 2, 2011
For Immediate Release

By Elena Groholske, student news writer

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Campbellsville University is offering summer classes as a way for students to get ahead and avoid the higher cost of tuition.

“Attending summer school gives a student the opportunity to either catch up or get ahead toward their graduation goal,” said Dave Walters, vice president for admissions and student services. “Taking two summer session classes for three summers would total 18 credit hours, which would be like an extra semester.”

The terms that are available are — May term: May 16-June 3; Early Summer Term: May 16-July 3; June Term: June 6-July 1; June/July Term: June 6-July 29; Late Summer Term: July 4-Aug. 28; and July Term: July 5-July 29.

Classes being offered this summer include: Introduction to Finance, United States Since 1877, College Algebra, Religion in Life and Computer Concepts and Applications.

“Some students see the benefit of taking a summer session class to reduce their class load during the fall semester,” Walters said. “Another benefit is that it keeps students focused and the transition back after a summer break is easier to adjust to.”

“I took Anatomy and Physiology II with professor [Brenda] Tungate and got a B,” said Niki Taylor of Somerset, Ky., a nursing student.

Classes are $325 per credit hour, less than one half the price of a regular semester cost.

“They are such a great idea,” Rachael Sibcy of Lebanon, Ohio, a ’10 graduate, said. “You should definitely do it.”

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