Campbellsville University student finds redemption

Nov. 23, 2010
For Immediate Release

 Calvin Bini talks with prospective students at a recent LINC, an orientation session for new students. (Campbellsville University Photo by Ashley Holt)
Calvin Bini talks with prospective students at a recent LINC, an orientation session for new students.
(Campbellsville University Photo by Ashley Holt)


By Caleb Harris, student news writer

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – The Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines redemption as “the act, process, or an instance of redeeming. Root word “redeem”: deliver, save from sins, restore the honor or worth of, to turn in and receive something in exchange.”

For one particular Campbellsville Tiger, Calvin Bini, redemption has come as a student at Campbellsville University.

Bini, a native of Radcliff, Ky., said Campbellsville University has given him a fresh start and a second chance at life. He attended North Hardin High School in Radcliff where he excelled on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball for the football program.

Upon completing his high school football career, he attended Kentucky Wesleyan College where he served as a wide receiver for the Panthers. After only two seasons he decided to take his talents elsewhere and enrolled at the University of Colorado. He joined the team as a preferred walk-on where he played the cornerback position.

While at Colorado, Bini said he made poor lifestyles choices.

Since high school, he had allowed many negative things to enter and influence his life. Drugs, alcohol and promiscuity were no stranger to Bini. These lifestyle choices inevitably lead to him being ousted from Colorado and separated from the game that he has loved and had served as a major part in his life since age eight.

“While at Colorado I got mixed up in some things that weren’t good. I didn’t have the focus I needed to be a successful student-athlete at that time in my life,” Bini said.

He returned home to Kentucky where he worked a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job as a grocery store clerk for nearly two years, often regretting the decisions he made.

One day Bini received a call that would change the course of his life forever.

The voice on the other end of the phone was Joe Stockton, assistant recruiting coordinator and assistant football coach at Campbellsville University. Stockton asked Bini if he was still interested in playing ball, he was welcome to join the rebuilding Tiger program. Bini jumped at the chance to attend school, lace up his cleats and revamp his life.

“Campbellsville was my only option for a second chance,” Bini said.

Bini said it was not until he arrived at Campbellsville that he surrendered his life to Christ and made dramatic personal changes for the better. “He [God] has blessed me in so many ways since I have been at Campbellsville; this is where he wanted me to be. This is where I needed to be,” Bini said.

These days Bini can be seen walking along campus often with his Bible in hand. The facial expression that he sports is one of a man at peace, an expression that is only possible through the grace of God. A business management major, Bini hopes to continue his football career either overseas or in arena leagues.

“I just want to get in where I fit in,” Bini said.

He also wants to be a coach one day so he can help to mentor young men and keep them from going down the same road in which he once traveled.

In the future, he sees himself married with children, continuing his walk with God, and just being a successful man providing a comfortable way of life for his family. Bini attributes his success to his family, who are proud, major supporters in his life on and off of the field.

Of his overall relationship with God, Bini said, “God plays a huge role in my life. He is who I strive for, who I trust and who I rely on. Like everyone, I do fall short of his glory, and I know I have hurt him with some of the decisions I have made, but my ultimate life goal is to live a life pleasing him and spend eternity with him.”

Calvin Bini was able to spiritually redeem himself thanks to the guidance of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He exchanged the fast life that he once lived for a promising future, which began at Campbellsville University. Along with finding his calling, Bini also found his self worth and realized that his value exceeded what he once thought.

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