CU to begin offering 100 percent online associate degree programs in spring 2011

Oct. 18, 2010
For Immediate Release

Campbellsville University offering 100 percent online associate degrees in spring 2011

By Joan C. McKinney, news and publications coordinator

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky.— Campbellsville University is beginning four associate of science degree programs totally online beginning in spring 2011.

The programs are: business administration, criminal justice, Christian studies and general studies. They are now being offered on campus but will become completely online in the spring.

The associate degree programs will focus on the development of fundamental college education in conjunction with a specialized area of study.

“The associate programs provide general education to students wanting to obtain a college degree with a specific focus or concentration,” Dr. John Burch, dean of distance learning and library services, said.

Burch said the first-year curriculum is structured to provide students with the 32 credit hours of basic, fundamental knowledge necessary to personal and cultural development. The second half of the programs consist of 32 to 35-credit hour curriculum based solely around one area of focus with additional elective courses.

He said the outcome of the program is designed to allow students to immediately transition into the professional workforce, or apply their college credits toward a higher level of degree.

Burch said the advantages of obtaining an online associate degree from Campbellsville University include increased earning potential, job opportunities and a lowered tuition cost (in comparison to tuition for a four-year program).

“Graduates of the online associate degree programs can expect to find opportunities in the legal and justice systems, criminology, business administration, business management, social sciences and the liberal arts (depending on respective field of study),” Burch said.

In response to the growth of undergraduate online programs, Dr. DeWayne Frazier, associate vice president for academic affairs, said, “These programs are indeed good news for Campbellsville University as our sphere of influence will continue to grow beyond our state boundaries.”

“The associate degree programs are four of the many online programs offered at Campbellsville University. With the partnership of a comprehensive online education partner, The Learning House Inc., Campbellsville has successfully maintained programs where non-traditional students may complete their degrees in several areas,” Frazier said.

Partnering with more than 80 colleges and universities in 28 states and Europe, Learning House has created a model that meets the needs of every school. Learning House provides a total online campus solution to each of its partners, including online course development and publishing, program marketing, infrastructure support, learning management system customization and hosting, faculty and staff training, 24/7 technology support and consulting.

Campbellsville University is a widely acclaimed Kentucky-based Christian university with over 3,000 students offering 63 undergraduate programs, 17 master’s degrees and five postgraduate areas. The website for complete information is

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