Tiger Take-Off




Volume 4 2007-2009

Religion in Brazil’s Free Market of Faith

Maria Enedina Lima Bezerra Chapel Address January 28, 2009 When one thinks of Brazil in terms of religious affiliation, one probably thinks most Brazilians are Catholic. Brazil is indeed known […]


The 400th Anniversary of Baptist beginnings in 2009 drew the attention of Christendom early in the year and Campbellsville University was no exception. The event was celebrated on-campus with guest […]

New Approaches to Twenty-First Century Research

Reading Music through Different Lenses Yawen Ludden A Review and Commentary on Karen Bottge’s, “Brahms’s ‘Wiegenlied’ and the Maternal Voice,” 19th-Century Music XXVIII:185-213, n3, 2005. Karen Bottge’s article, “Brahms’s Wiegenlied […]

Lost by Allusion

Robert VanEst Every text implies information that it takes for granted and does not explain; whether allusions are Shakespeare’s references to British history, Dickens’ references to the law, Flannery O’Connor’s […]

Living the Abundant Life

Michael E. Arrington Commencement Address Campbellsville University May 8, 2009 Thank you for that kind introduction. President Carter, Vice President Cheatham, distinguished trustees, faculty, staff, parents, friends, families, and most […]

Honoring Baptists

A Community Service Celebrating 400 Years of Baptist Heritage, 1609-2009 Robert L. Doty Introduction This essay was originally written as a narrative for presentations celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Baptists […]


Michael E. Arrington is Executive Director of the International Association of Baptist Colleges and Universities, and most recently, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Carson-Newman College (2001- […]