Yingxin Mi

Artist Biography

Yingxin Mi or Jimmy was born and raised in Beijing, China, and attended Campbellsville University for the English as a Second Language program and BFA with a Graphic Design Emphasis. He chased his dream come to the United States to learn how people live abroad and wanted to open his mind to see the world while working on art. Besides working in school, he also worked with Little Elephant Company to create a logo design. He continues to build on his training from high school in China to complete life drawings while abroad. He plans to return to Beijing China post-graduation for work.



Artist Statement

Art is the expression of the eternal consciousness of life which inspires people’s thinking in the unique way of painting with enthusiasm, beauty or sadness and pain. Life is the source of art. This is the “ancient” and universal law of artistic creation. When I gather sources or inspiration from life, it can produce a strong desire to express life. When life and art form are organically combined, they produce impressive and appealing works of art. Here, I make a distinction between painting and real life. Art is not the same as life. Many people may agree with this topic, but in today’s art world, art has long been involved in life. But in painting, it is necessary to bring up this topic.

From the perspective of art, everyone has a feeling of life. But people who don’t have basic painting skills. They do not know how to express and it is impossible to create a good work. Painting is an artist’s sublimation of real life. It is not a copy of nature. Simply reproducing an objective image cannot create high level of artistic beauty. For me, painting is to express what I want to say. I hope that the artwork can start from life, reflect life and express my real feelings towards life. Life is the source of painting. I pay attention to the reality, extract material from life, and show true feelings towards life to show the rich and colorful real world.


Photographs: Ariel Emberton
Video: Derick Johnson

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