Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies:  a foundational program of study for teaching and preaching the Word of God in a wide variety of settings.  Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek are studied to deepen the student’s understanding.


The Biblical Studies area and major both require 12 hours of Biblical languages.  Thus, the program is B.A. only.


Biblical Studies Faculty:

  • Lead Professor:  Dwayne Howell (Ph.D.), Professor of Old Testament & Hebrew
  • John Hurtgen (Ph.D.), Professor of New Testament & Greek
  • Joe Early, Jr (Ph.D.), Assistant Professor of Theology
  • Steve Dwinnells (Ph.D.), Associate Instructor; Manager of Instructional Technologies, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
  • Michael O'Neal (Ph.D.), Associate Instructor; Senior Pastor, Campbellsville Baptist Church, KY

Christian Studies Core Requirements (18 hrs)

CHS 211 Art of Reading the Bible
CHS 230 Spiritual Formation
CHS 365 Christian Studies Internship
CHS 432 Christian Theology
CHS 471 Church History
CHS        Upper Level Old or New Testament Course

Biblical Studies Major, 48 hours
(includes 12 hours of Biblical language study and at least 21 hours of Biblical Studies courses)

Biblical Studies Minor, 27 hours
(does not include 12 hours of Biblical language study and 15 hours of Biblical Studies courses)