Biblical Studies

Campbellsville University’s Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies offers a foundation in reading, teaching, and preaching the Word of God. With this undergraduate biblical studies degree, our goal is to surrender to the Bible as faithful servants in Christ. Our advanced curriculum provides the fundamentals for seminary and ministry work, social service, missionary education, and personal fulfillment.

To gain a deep understanding of the gospels, Campbellsville’s biblical studies degree requires 12 hours of biblical language study, including Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek. An 18-hour Christian Studies Core must also be completed before graduation. This six-course section includes Art of Reading the Bible, Spiritual Formation, Christian Theology, Church History, a Christian Studies internship, and an upper-division Old or New Testament course. Finally, 18 hours of upper-level requirements must be chosen from three modules, with courses spanning Wisdom and Poetic Literature, Studies in John, and Greek Exegesis.

Campbellsville also offers a Biblical Studies minor, which does not include the language prerequisites or the 15 hours of Biblical Studies coursework.

Faculty and Staff
Preparing future leaders in Christ, the program’s exceptional faculty includes Dr. Dwayne Howell (Old Testament & Hebrew), Dr. John Hurtgen (Dean, New Testament & Greek), Joe Early Jr. (Theology), and Justin Watson (Biblical Studies). Our Associate Instructors are Steve Dwinnells, Michael O’Neal, and Marcus Stanfield.

Financial Aid
At Campbellsville, we hope to make university tuition affordable for all students. Currently, more than 90% of our student body receives some form of financial aid. This includes scholarships, grants, merit-based programs, work-study, and student loans. We believe that all learners can achieve their academic dreams.

In addition, we are blessed to provide financial aid packages through the church and other Christian-based endowments. A majority of Campbellsville students qualify for church-based aid, regardless of their specific Christian denomination. Visit this page for more information about our financial aid programs.


Christian Studies Core Requirements (18 hrs)

CHS 211 Art of Reading the Bible
CHS 230 Spiritual Formation
CHS 365 Christian Studies Internship
CHS 432 Christian Theology
CHS 471 Church History
CHS        Upper Level Old or New Testament Course

Biblical Studies Major, 48 hours
(includes 12 hours of Biblical language study and at least 21 hours of Biblical Studies courses)

Biblical Studies Minor, 27 hours
(does not include 12 hours of Biblical language study and 15 hours of Biblical Studies courses)