Campbellsville University is a place where learning, faith, and passion go hand-in-hand.
At CU, you’ll find more than your career: you’ll find your calling.

Find Your Path

We offer scores of ways to learn: certifications, training programs, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees; so as you learn and grow at CU, you can create your own path. To explore all of the educational opportunities that Campbellsville University has to offer, visit our program finder below.

Find Your Faith

The CU experience is about more than just education and career preparation; it is about understanding and embracing the impact you can have on the world around you. As followers of Christ, we strive to equip you with a sense of purpose that will influence not only the job you do, but the person you become. Whether you want to shape young minds, care for others, or quite literally save lives, you have the power to change the world around you, and we want to help.

Find Your Inner Tiger

For many Tigers, friendships that last a lifetime begin on our campus. With 28 sports teams and 40 campus clubs and organizations, you’ll have countless opportunities to become a part of our community, while discovering what makes you uniquely a Tiger.