Master of Social Work

The Masters of Social Work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and open to all undergraduate degrees. If you have graduated from an accredited Bachelors in Social Work program, you may qualify for the Advanced standing track which is 30 credit hours. If you hold an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than social work, you may apply to the Foundation Social Work program which requires 60 credit hours.


Twelve Reasons to select Campbellsville University’s MSW Program

  1. This MSW program is the least costly per credit hour of any MSW program offered by a Kentucky University. 
  2. This MSW program is offered in an evening and online format to accommodate the non-traditional working student who has family and employment obligations.
  3. Courses offered in 8 week terms with many terms requiring only one night a week on campus meetings.
  4. A program intended for people employed in social work positions that need a graduate degree for promotion or licensure yet unable to travel to urban areas and forced to settle for degrees that do not meet qualifications for social service supervisory positions.
  5. This program is attractive to local students due the close proximity to their homes.
  6. The curriculum in family practice addresses needs and concerns identified by the Kentucky Cabinet for Families and Children in their current and pending shortages of professionally trained social workers (Hazlette, 2006).
  7. If you come to Campbellsville University you receive specialized attention. The average size of our graduate classes is less than 7 students per course.
  8. Undergraduate class size currently averages 12.4 students per course.
  9. Every student receives an academic advisor to guide and direct their personal educational experience.
  10. Campbellsville University’s graduate programs are a great place to refine your calling.
  11. All graduate courses are offered by qualified and appropriately degreed instructors.
  12. Great bargain, special attention, minimal time away from home/family and excellent academic mentorship and preparation!

Program Overview


The Masters of Social Work Program at CU views social work as a helping profession sanctioned by society to assist in the elimination of human suffering. Social work evolved from natural helping networks into a profession designed to systematically address social problems and human needs.  In order to achieve this purpose, the profession takes two approaches:  (1) To work to change social institutions, organizations and communities to better meet the needs of people and (2) To help people identify and utilize their own strengths and to connect them with the resources which they lack.  The MSW Program responds to a need in continuing education throughout life and provides students an opportunity to attain a master degree that prepares them for leadership, program development and administration.  This preparation is accomplished through graduate studies with attendance and participation in local, regional, state, and national conferences.  The MSW program prepares graduates to work in a variety of settings with a variety of client types and systems.  Models emphasizing the ecological and strength perspectives are infused throughout the educational experience.  Using these models within a Christian / Social Work value base, graduates are prepared to provide assessment and intervention transactions with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations.

The mission of the Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) program is to expand career opportunities and prepare advanced generalist social service practitioners and/or administrators through advanced social work academic preparation in a Christ-centered environment. In the spirit of Christian service, graduates apply advanced level professional social work skills in regional, national and/or international settings for the purposes of improving the quality of life.

Goals and Objectives: Guided by the mission of this new master’s program and influenced by the missions of Campbellsville University, the Master’s of Social Work, the social work profession and the needs of the local, regional, state and international communities, the MSW program strives to attain the following goals:

  1. To prepare competent and effective advanced generalist social work professionals to empower, to lead and serve as practitioners, service coordinators, service administrators, policy analysts’ and program developers.
  2. To equip graduates with advanced generalist social work knowledge, values and  skills in preparation for service with diverse, at-risk, marginalized, oppressed populations which exist in rural, urban, national and international locations;
  3.  To prepare advanced generalist social work practitioners that are skilled in evaluation and linking empirical knowledge, social work practice wisdom, social research and practice outcomes;
  4. To stimulate a desire within graduates for the pursuit of life-long-learning and Christ-centered service.


 Admission to the Program

MSW Application deadlines:

Fall Term (August)- May 31st
Spring Term (January)- November 1st

Applications for fall term close on May 31st. Applications for spring term term close on November 1st.
The required packet of application materials includes the following:

  1. Application for Graduate Admissions Graduate Application.pdf 
  2. Complete the MSW_Application.pdf 
  3. Submit an essay that follows the College Application Writing Rubric. College Application Writing Rubric
  4. Submit official transcripts of all college work from accredited institutions (both undergraduate and graduate) confirming a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  5. International students must have a 2.3 computer generated or a 550 paper generated TOEFEL (Test of English as Foreign Language).
  6. Submit three letters of recommendation using the MSW Recommendation form from community leaders, pastors, teachers, or professionals who have knowledge of your interpersonal and learning skills.  One letter, preferably, from employer in field of Social Work, if applicable. The letters should be submitted in sealed envelopes with the reference provider’s signature across the seal.
  7. Submit a signed Statement of Understanding affirming the support for NASW Code of Ethics and the standards of this MSW program. Statement of Commitment

Before a student receives official acceptance into the MSW program their file must be complete with items 1 through 7 previously listed.  The MSW Program Committee consists of all MSW full-time faculty, including the Dean of the Carver School of Social Work and Counseling.  The MSW Program Committee will be assessing the student’s materials. Applicants will be sent a letter recommending full, provisional, or non-acceptance once all admission materials are reviewed.

The Social Work Program provides a learning context in which understanding and respect for diverse populations are practiced.  The topics of diversity include, but are not limited to, age, race, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, national origin and religion.  If any student feels he/she is unable to address these topics of diversity, he/she should consult with the MSW Program Director for advisement.  The Social Work Program has established admission criteria to help insure that students with personal values, ethics, and goals compatible with the social work profession are admitted into the program.

Field & Practicum Information

For information regarding your MSW Field documents/links, please click on the following link.