The Campbellsville Review

The Campbellsville Review
A Journal of the Faculty of Campbellsville University
    Founded 2002

    ISSN: 2373-1362


The Campbellsville Review (CR) provides members of Campbellsville University an avenue for publishing critical and scholarly works based on subjects in which they are researching. It chronicles the ongoing scholarship of the University community, which includes faculty members, upper class and graduate students, alumni, visiting scholars and lecturers, and staff. It is also a way in which the university community can share resources and ideas about teaching. The CR is published once a year under the auspices of the vice president of Academic Affairs. A Senior Editor and an Editorial Board direct the editorial process.


Articles in forthcoming Issue

Online     PDF

Editor's Introduction
Online     PDF

Sleeping Among the Natives
    by John R. Burch    Online     PDF

Baptist Heritage Lecture Series
    Who Moved My Old Landmark? 
    Changing Definitions of Landmarkism in the Early Twentieth 

        by Bart Barber    Online     PDF

    The Cotton Grove Resolutions 
        by Joe Early, Jr.    Online    PDF

The Making of Violence: Motives, Means, and Masculinity
    by Mary Jane Chaffee     Online    PDF

The Stories (and Life) of Breece D'J Pancake
    by Nathan Gower    Online    PDF

Inspiring a Story: A Personal Experience with Jesse Stuart
    by Glen Edward Taul    Online    PDF

A Fascination with Element 60--Neodymium 
by C. Bowen, Peter A. Adcock, Sara E. Bonaccorsi, Jean 
    Oostens    Online    PDF

Human Trafficking and Teacher Awareness: Equipping Teachers with Knowledge and Resources to Combat Human Trafficking
    Regan L. Lookadoo    Online    PDF

The Secular Song of Spain: The Often Overlooked Contribution to European Renaissance Music
by Sarah Gilbert    Online    PDF

Short Stories
To Fear, Fear
    by Susan A. Wright    Online    PDF

    by David Harrity    Online    PDF

In Your Prison
    by David Harrity    Online    PDF

Doll Parts
by Susan A. Wilson    Online    PDF

On Prayer
    by David Harrity    Online    PDF

A Different Sun, by Elaine Orr
    by Robert L. Doty    Online    PDF

An Examination of Brazilian Folk Music Elements and their Transference to Classical Suites for Piano
    by Danielle Batista Silva de Souza, M.A    Online    PDF

Published Works by Faculty and Staff (2012-2014)    Online    PDF

Contributors    Online    PDF


New Issue Forthcoming

Volume seven of The Campbellsville Review will soon go to press. By the beginning of mid-August the print edition will have arrived. In advance of the print edition, the PDF version has been published online (see left). If you have any comments, please address them to Glen Taul, Editor, at