The Campbellsville Review

The Campbellsville Review 
A Journal of the Faculty of Campbellsville University
Founded 2002


The Campbellsville Review (CR) provides members of Campbellsville University an avenue for publishing critical and scholarly works based on subjects in which they are researching. It chronicles the ongoing scholarship of the University community, which includes faculty members, upper class and graduate students, alumni, visiting scholars and lecturers, and staff. It is also a way in which the university community can share resources and ideas about teaching. The CR is published once a year under the auspices of the vice president of Academic Affairs. A Senior Editor and an Editorial Board direct the editorial process.


Articles in this Issue

King James at 400: 900 Years of Getting the Bible into "English": An Illustrated Lecture, by Joel F. Drinkard, Jr. 
pp. 1-32 Read Online PDF

The Prodigal Printer Henry Hills-The Baptist Publisher of the King James Bible, by Larry Kreitzer
pp. 33-49 Read Online PDF

The King James Bible: Translating as a Political Act,
by Glen Edward Taul
pp. 51-65 Read Online PDF

Anchor Point: The King James Bible and English Literature,
by Robert L. Doty
pp. 67-77 Read Online PDF

The Sacred Oratorio: Handel and the King James Bible,
by Deborah Rooke
pp. 79-92 Read Online PDF

Religious Freedom and Tolerance, by Suzan Johnson Cook
pp. 93-98 Read Online PDF

My View of the Next "Greatest Generation" (as seen on November 12, 2008), by Judith Collins McCormick
pp. 99-107 Read Online PDF

Imprint, by Judith Collins McCormick
p. 109 Read Online PDF

Songs and Music of World War II, by Jean Oostens
pp. 111-126 Read Online PDF

Singing Globally: Expanding Congregational Music,
by Melissa Askew
pp. 127-142 Read Online PDF

Are Christian-Affiliated Universities Equipping Business Students from a Biblical Perspective, by Richard E. Corum
pp. 143-154 Read Online PDF

A Historical Introduction and Study of the Music Program at the Kentucky School for the Deaf (Abstract), by Cristina Soares da Silva
p. 155 Read Online PDF

pp. 157-158 Read Online PDF

Postscript, by Wesley Roberts
pp. 159-161 Read Online PDF


Call for Contributions:

Articles, Art, Poetry, Reviews (Books, Exhibitions, Film, Websites), Short Stories

The editors of the CR are inviting submissions of articles, reviews, and creative work from faculty members, visiting scholars and lecturers, Campbellsville University staff, and upper class and graduate students for the fall 2013-2014 issue. The subjects may relate to a single academic discipline, interdisciplinary, imaginative, or a combination of approaches. The submissions may reflect an author's or authors' personal research, pedagogical, cultural, or professional interests. Please refer to submission guidelines for instructions.

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2013