Graduates change tassel positions

Graduation Checklist

Here is a copy of the Graduation Checklist provided to students on TigerNET. It contains both academic and non-academic steps that students need to do before graduation.

  • Students who plan to complete requirements for graduation in May, August, and December must file an Application for Graduation with the Office of Student Records in order to generate a Graduation Application Progress Profile (GAPP). You must log into TigerNet to fill out the Graduation Application.
  • Meet degree requirements as listed in the University catalog – graduate with at least the minimum number of credit hours required by your program of study and have a 2.0 overall GPA.
  • Students who have taken courses at other institutions should confirm with Student Records that official transcripts have been received.
  • Pick up caps, gowns, robes, tassels, etc. no later than two weeks for Commencement from the CU Bookstore. Masters candidates will need to secure the appropriate hood as well.
  • EXIT EXAMS – Students in Teacher Education must take specific PRAXIS exams as prescribed for the area of study. Education advisors have more information.
  • EXIT INTERVIEWS (for LOANS) – Federal Direct loan recipients can complete the exit interview online at website.
  • Pay all student accounts including parking and library fines and the graduation fee.
  • Return all library materials.
  • UNIVERSITY HOUSING – Be sure to take all of your belongings with you. Items left cannot be stored. If you paid a deposit, check with your residence director to arrange for a refund, if you qualify.
  • For graduates or guests with disabilities – Reserve any special services by calling Jennifer Lauer at (270) 789-5150.
  • Candidates are encouraged to review the requirements for graduation found in the Bulletin-Catalog.

This checklist is general in nature and is intended to serve as a guide for students. A formal and official list of remaining requirements is provided in the Graduation Application Progress Profile (GAPP) that each student receives upon submission of the graduation application.