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Bachelor in International Studies

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The Major in International Studies is an interdisciplinary program that combines critical thinking and analysis skills, ethics, and cross-cultural studies. The program will prepare the student for a career in local, state, federal, and international agencies and organizations where he/she will be equipped to lead from a Christian worldview. Upon completion, the student may also choose to pursue graduate-level education in diverse fields such as law, political science, international business, Christian missions, TESL, MATESOL, public policy and administration.

To receive the BA degree (36 hours), students completing a major in International Studies must have at least 12 semester hours of credit for modern foreign language.  Four three-hour courses in one language or two three-hour courses in each of two languages will fulfill the requirement.  Students may be exempted from the requirement on the basis of proficiency certified by both oral and written tests administered by the modern foreign language faculty. It is additionally important to note that 12 hours of proficiency in a single language is a pre-requisite for completion of some concentrations; students planning to pursue a two language strategy should consult with their academic advisor.

To receive the BS degree (42 hours), students pursing a major in International Studies do not have to take foreign language courses but must complete six additional hours to be selected from the options available in the Core Courses section of the degree.  The faculty strongly recommends that students who expect to enter graduate studies in International Studies or a related field choose the Bachelor of Arts options.


Latin American Studies   European Studies   Global Culture Studies   TESL Studies   Intercultural Mission Studies

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  • Asian Studies
  • International Business

Course Offerings

Major in International Studies – 36 (B.A.) or 42 (B.S.) Hours


Core Courses – 21 Hours

Complete all of the Following:
*ISA 210   Introduction to International Studies – 3
*ISA 220   Intercultural Communication – 3
CHS 234   World Religions – 3
*ISA 450   Senior Capstone Project – 3

Choose Two of the Following:
GEG 315   World Geography – 3
POL 341   Comparative Government – 3
GEG 442   Political Geography – 3
ECO 452   Comparative Economic Systems – 3

Choose One of the Following:
ART 411   World Art – 3
MUS 325  Music in World Cultures – 3
ENG 234   Foundations of World Literature – 3

(*Completion of a Study Abroad Experience is a requirement for enrollment in ISA 450.)


Concentration – 15 Hours

Choose one concentration:


Additional Requirements for Degree Completion:

  • Foreign Language Requirements (for BA) – 12
  • General Education Requirements – 44
  • Minor – 18
  • Electives – 10

Total Credit Hours – 120

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