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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

To provide students and families additional time to review their financial offers, we will be extending our Fall 2024 freshman enrollment confirmation deadline to June 15.

Please contact our Admissions office at admissions@campbellsville.edu if you would like to request an extension.


Campbellsville University cares about how the recent updates to financial aid are affecting our students and families. We have a team of enrollment and financial aid counselors dedicated to supporting you through this time of uncertainty. Check back often for updates.


We are Dedicated to Making Your Education as Affordable as Possible

Here at Campbellsville University, we understand that higher education is a big investment – but one that is well worth the cost. That is why we have made it our goal to provide our students with the absolute best aid possible.

Our job doesn’t begin and end with showing you your financial options, it goes far beyond that. We have a commitment to each and every student that walks through our doors. Regardless of your situation, we will do whatever we can to ensure a college education is within your means.

We Can Prove It

All of our accepted freshmen are offered an academic or merit scholarship based on their academic credentials. Over 90 percent of our students receive financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, loans, work-study programs and merit-based awards. In addition to these traditional financial aid offerings, we offer church-related scholarships and assistance programs which most students are eligible for.

Financial Aid Verification

Campbellsville University has partnered with Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority to complete the Verification of Financial Aid Applications. If selected, please follow this link to complete the process.

Scholarships and Grants

View all of the academic, performance, diversity, and other scholarships and grants available.

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Sources of Financial Aid

Interested in where our financial aid comes from? Our sources of aid page can give you some insight into how aid is provided.

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Student Employment

Access information about work-study and work-ship opportunities.

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Current Financial Aid Status

If you have already applied for financial aid through Campbellsville University, you can check the status of your application and accept your awards by logging into TigerNet here.

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Net Price Calculator

If you want to get a clear idea of what your tuition will cost, our Net Price Calculator is the perfect tool for you. Just fill in a little information and the Net Price Calculator will show you your estimated tuition.

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College Navigator

If you want to see how CU ranks among other colleges and universities, you might be interested in our College Scorecard. See how we compare in areas such as cost, graduation rate, and more.

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Financial Aid FAQs

Do you have questions about financial aid? Save yourself a little time and before calling check out some of the frequently asked questions we receive — and their respective answers.

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Glossary of Terms

To ensure that our financial aid information is comprehensive, we have developed a list of commonly used financial terms and provided a definition for each. If you have a question about the meaning or use of a specific word or phrase, give our list a look.

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