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Financial Aid Policies and Procedures

General Policies

Financial Aid at Campbellsville University is a cooperative investment in youth and focuses on the student as an individual.  The programs are intended to remove the financial barrier from students who are unable to pay, to ease the financial burden for those who are more able to pay, and to manifest a special commitment to disadvantaged students.

At Campbellsville University, the actual amount of the financial aid award is determined primarily by the student’s financial need.  “Need” is defined as “cost of education minus family contribution.”  The type of assistance a student receives is determined by both need and qualification (i.e., academic achievement, character, and future promise).

Withdrawal & Drop Policy

Students should be aware that all federally funded Title IV programs are administered according to specific program guidelines and regulations.  A student’s eligibility for future federal financial aid can be adversely affected by dropping classes and withdrawing from the University after financial aid funds have been disbursed based upon a particular enrollment status.  This is particularly true for the grant programs which have limitations placed upon the number of semesters assistance can be received.

The completion of registration contractually obligates the student and his/her benefactors to pay all his/her tuition and fees for the entire semester.  However, the University has established a withdrawal and refund policy so that the University and student may share the loss equitably when it is necessary for a student to withdraw.  In addition to using our institutional refund calculation, students receiving Title IV aid will have a pro-rata or federal refund calculation completed.  The calculation that gives the student the greatest refund will be used.

Institutional Refund Policy

  1. Fees are non-refundable.
  2. Tuition, Room, and Meal will be refunded according to the following schedule of adjustments:

Percentage Charge for Tuition

**Official Date of Withdrawal

# Weeks in Class Session

Before classes begin000000%
During 1st week202020404080%
During 2nd week408080100100100%
During 3rd week80100100100100100%
During 4th week80100100100100100%

When a student has financial aid other than student employment and withdraws during the time that a tuition refund is due, the student is eligible to keep the same percentage of aid that they are charged for tuition.  The remaining aid is refunded to the financial aid programs.

The pro-rata refund policy and federal refund policy guidelines can be found in the Federal Student Financial Aid Handbook located in the Office of Financial Aid.

**NOTE: The Official Date of Withdrawal is the last day of class attendance.  It is Campbellsville University policy that when a student withdraws he/she must complete an official withdrawal form and return it to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  This MUST be done within seven calendar days of the last day of class attendance.  Failure to follow the official withdrawal policy results in a charge of $100 and “F” grades in all courses.  Exceptions will be granted only in cases of documented extenuating circumstances.

Dropped Class Policy

A student altering his enrollment status from full-time to part-time by dropping classes may be entitled to a refund of tuition.  If so, the student may require an adjustment in his Financial Aid package.  Business Services determines if the student should receive a tuition refund and notifies the Office of Financial Aid of the need.  The Office of Financial Aid then determines if aid must be adjusted according to Federal, State, and institutional regulations.  If adjustments are made, the Office of Financial Aid notifies Business Services of the changes.

There will be no partial refunds for dropped classes. Students who drop individual classes before the published “last day to register” will receive a full refund and no grade.  Classes dropped after this date will receive a grade and no refund.  When a student drops all their classes they have withdrawn and the withdrawal refund policy is applied.  Adding a second eight-week course even after dropping a class may result in additional tuition charges.