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Satisfactory Academic Progress

SAP Appeal Forms

Federal regulation require that all students who receive any federal or state financial assistance make measurable academic progress towards a degree or certificate program at Campbellsville University. Progress is determined quantitatively (credit or clock hours earned and time frame) and qualitatively (GPA). Progress is monitored at the conclusion of each term or payment period. Policies do vary between undergraduate programs, graduate programs, and certificate programs.

Notification of Results
Students who are denied or placed on warning will be notified via mail and/or email within 2 weeks of the conclusion of the term or payment period.

How to Regain Eligibility
To regain eligibility students may take courses at their own expense in subsequent terms or payment period and meet the standards according to the completion rate and GPA as outlined in each policy. Once you have raised the completion rate and/or GPA students should contact the Financial Aid Office.

Right to Appeal
If there were extenuating circumstances (injury, illness, death of a relative) that prevented you from meeting the standards of our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, then you have a right to file an appeal with the Committee for Financial Aid Appeals.  In this appeal you must include a personal statement outlining the following items:  1.) The reason why you did not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress and 2.) What has changed now that will allow you to make satisfactory academic progress at the next evaluation. Students should also meet with an advisor to develop an Academic Success Plan. Also any documentation that supports the appeal should be attached.
If you appeal is approved, you will be placed on probation for one term, and after the probationary period, you must be making satisfactory academic progress or successfully following an academic plan that has been developed for you.  You will be notified via mail or email the results of your appeal

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