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Clay Hill Memorial Forest

Clay Hill Memorial Forest

Education and Research for Students

Clay Hill Memorial Forest (CHMF) is a 305-acre educational and research woodland that is managed by Campbellsville University as a regional center for environmental education and research on eastern deciduous forests. We promote conservation by increasing public awareness of the aesthetic, recreational and economic importance of forests. We believe that forests can be managed in ways that will allow their sustained use for all those values man derives from them. We believe that our best hope for achieving sustainability lies in inclusive education that is founded on research. We welcome those would use CHMF for educational or research purposes.

The site is used for field labs for courses such as ecology, entomology, ornithology and conservation biology. Many students conduct or assist with undergraduate research projects at the Forest.

Visit the CHMF website for information about events, public uses, scholarships, and more.


Where is the forest located?

CHMF is located in the rolling hills of south central Kentucky, eight miles northwest of Campbellsville in Taylor County. CHMF is conveniently reached from Campbellsville by taking KY 289 to the North at its intersection with KY55/US 68. Driving Directions.

14276 Old Lebanon Road
Campbellsville, KY 42718


Who can use CHMF?

The University holds CHMF, as a natural trust for the people of Kentucky and for others who pass through. CHMF can be used by public and private educational institutions as an outdoor laboratory and teaching resource. Scouting groups can hike the trails at CHMF and take part in various weekend merit badge studies. Farmers and woodlot owners can come to CHMF for recreation or to have a look at management strategies being used at the forest. Individuals who are willing to follow CHMF rules, can visit the forest for weekend walks, nature study, recreation or renewal. We hope you enjoy your visit.  All visitors must leave CHMF by dusk.


Who manages CHMF?

CHMF is managed by personnel from the Department of Biology of the Natural Science Division of Campbellsville University in accordance with the Clay Hill Mission Statement. The principle responsibility for management of CHMF is vested in an independent Board of Advisors whose members are noted authorities in forestry, forest ecology, environmental education and conservation.


Support CHMF and become a Friend of the Forest

The Friends of Forest is a donor society for individuals, families or organizations who wish to support the mission of Clay Hill Memorial Forest.
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