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Economic Impact Study

Campbellsville University’s annual economic impact across Kentucky for 2018/2019 is:


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Summary of Economic Impact Impact
Campbellsville University is a comprehensive Christian university located in Campbellsville, Kentucky offering non-credit technical programs, along with certificates, associates, undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition to the main campus located in Taylor County, Campbellsville University operates eight regional education centers and instructional sites that enable students of all ages and interests to expand their opportunities through higher education in their local communities across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

This study examines the economic impact of Campbellsville University’s main campus as well as the regional centers located throughout Kentucky. Campbellsville University generates economic impact from ongoing operations, related activities and investments in capital improvement projects. Economic impact is also generated by student and visitor spending in the local economy.

The total annual economic impact of Campbellsville University including the regional education centers on the Commonwealth of Kentucky is $200 million. In total, the University and all related operations support approximately 2,000 jobs directly or indirectly. Wages paid to these jobs total $87.2 million generating an estimated $7.6 million in state and local taxes annually.

What Generates the Impact?
Multiple activities generate Campbellsville University’s impact on the economy.

University Operations

  • Payroll
  • Purchases
  • Capital Investments

University Contractors

  • Food Services
  • Other providers of service on campus

Student and Visitor Spending

  • Purchases made by students and visitors from Taylor County Businesses

Impact Definitions
Direct Employment

Jobs directly employed by Campbellsville University or their campus contractors.

Indirect Employment

Jobs that are supported in the local economy because of Campbellsville University operations.

Economic Impact

Dollars that flow through the local economy each year because of Campbellsville University. This reflects local university, student, and visitor spending being re-spent by local businesses and households until it flows out of the local economy

Scope and Purpose of Study
This study is designed to quantify the impact of the ongoing operations of Campbellsville University.

In this study,  economic impact is measured in terms of dollar value of total economic output, jobs, wages, and local tax revenues generated as a result of the business activities related to the operations of Campbellsville University. From this study, policy makers and planners can gain a systematic understanding of the overall economic impact Campbellsville University operations and investments.

Younger Associates has conducted hundreds of economic impact studies across the United States over the past 30 years. The firm’s methodology is recognized by, and utilized in, courses at the Economic Development Institute of the International Economic Development Council. The Younger Associates’ approach to economic impact analyses has proven to be highly accurate although slightly conservative in projecting tax revenue generation.

Impact Breakdown


Jobs Support

(Direct and Indirect)


Wages Paid


Taxes Generated

(State and Local)