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Live the Life of a Tiger at CU

Join a team. Join a club. Join your friends.

When you choose Campbellsville University, you’re choosing to be more than a student, an athlete, or a Christian. You’re choosing to be a Tiger. And at Campbellsville, that means belonging. Whether you’re into competition, composition, or collaboration, at CU you’ll find students who share your interests, your passion, and your faith.

If sports are your thing, gear up, because CU has 28 school-sponsored sports teams and 16 intramural teams. If the arts are what move you, join our poetry club or find others who share your tastes, whether they lean toward hip-hop or anime. And if you’re more of the free spirited-type check out our nearby 10,000-acre state park, Green River Lake, for a day of adventure.

Make an Impact

With over 10,000 students representing over 35 states and 50 countries, you’ll connect with individuals from across the street, across town, and across the globe. At CU, we know you will have an impact on the world around you. Whether it’s through a team, a club, or ministry, there are hundreds of ways for you to get involved and discover what makes you uniquely a Tiger.




Sports Teams


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Nearby Nature Centers

Campus Ministry

There a number of ways for you to join in worship with your community and grow in your faith. Whether you need a place to praise each week or you long to be an agent for good in underprivileged communities, we will help you live out the plan God has for you.

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Campus Resources

Here at Campbellsville, we offer a variety of resources that aim to make your college experience safe, manageable, and worry-free. Take a look at our calendar, directory, and other resources to see just how burden-free your life on campus can be.

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