CU 2017-2018 Mission Trips


Christmas Break

  • Houston: Disaster Relief led by Ed Pavy


  • Harlan, KY: led by Cindy Coyler and Dr. Kimberly Mudd-Feggett

Spring Break

  • Belize (March 8-19): led by Rita Curtis. $2500
  • Florida Men’s Prisons: Softball led by assistant football coaches. $200-400
  • Florida Men’s Prisons: Basketball led by Brandon Lakes.  $200-400
  • Florida Women’s Prisons: Various sports & games led by Tina Propes. $435
  • Cincinnati, Send City: Partnership mission trip led by Justin McDonald. $350 or less
  • Beach Reach at Panama City Beach: led by Jasmine Barnett.  $500-700
  • Haiti working with myLIFEspeaks: led by Ed Pavy.  $1500-1700
  • Native American Reservation: led by Dr. Robin Magruder. Cost TBD
  • Israel/Egypt (March 9-20): led by Dr. Scott Wigginton. $3495

Summer 2018

  • Finland/Denmark (late May/early June; 10 days): led by Dr. Sharon Hundley/Dr. Beverly Ennis. $4000
  • Ghana: led by Joey Bomia.  14-17 days.  $2500-3000
  • Northern Ireland: led by Jasmine Barnett.  14-17 days.  $2000-2500
  • CU Crew (paid position) summer VBS team: led by Ed Pavy.  May 29-July 29.  Summer includes mission trip to Haiti which will cost $1500-1700
  • CU Crew II
  • Northeast India: led by Elaine Tan. Exact dates and cost TBA
  • Haiti: School of Nursing; led by Angie Atwood.  $1200

All costs are approximate.  Please contact the leader of the trip for specific information/details about each trip