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Campus Ministry

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Where Faith and Education Meet

Here at Campbellsville University, it is our goal to provide you with a broad range of faith-oriented opportunities so you not only stay resolute in your faith, but grow in it. The Campus Ministry department exists to create, provide and cultivate opportunities alongside local bodies of faith for the campus community to discover, maximize and express their faith life in a meaningful tangible way. We believe that you were put on this planet for a reason, and we want to help you realize how your faith, passion, ability, and potential contribute to the CHANGE you can effect in the world.

Each week at CU offers a myriad of avenues to engage in community, faith development, worship and service together. Students join together each Tuesday for the Vine worship service and the campus community gathers every Wednesday morning for chapel service. In addition, students have ample opportunity to connect with a number of weekly faith-oriented small groups, service activities, and trips across the world.

So, if you’re ready to learn in an environment where the purpose is fueled by faith, come to Campbellsville. We can’t wait to share our campus with you.


Mission Statement

The Campus Ministry department exists to create, provide and cultivate opportunities alongside local bodies of faith for the campus community to discover, maximize and express their faith life in a meaningful tangible way.


Campus Ministry Student Council

The Campus Ministry council is a volunteer student leadership team designed to provide student leaders a space to learn, lead and love their campus through service. Thier goal is to provide programming that emphasizes spiritual formation and growth on campus.

The Campus Ministry council is chosen each year during the Spring semester and consist of a variety of leadership positions for students to grow and exercise their gifts on campus.

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For many at CU, sharing in worship each week provides the opportunity to grow and expand in faith. That is why we hold a Chapel service every Wednesday where you can meet with your community to listen and discuss the gospel.

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Faith Groups

At Campbellsville University there are many opportunities for students to engage with discipleship, community and study groups. Our hope is that students not only connect with others but grow together to further and deepen their faith in meaningful ways.

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Mission Trips

Scripture is clear about the mission to share God's love and truth around the globe. Our hope is to not only offer opportunieis to serve but to provide avenues for students to live a life of obedience to the Great Commission. These expereinces provide valuable and necessary spiritual, social and cultural development that will guide our students beyond their time at CU.

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CU Crew – Summer Ministry

A ministry team traveling around Kentucky helping out churches with Vacation Bible School.

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The Vine

Worship Planned by Students for Students.

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D-Now Request Form

The following form is provided to request a student ministry team to assist church communities with youth and children ministry events such as Discipleship Now weekends and retreats.

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