General Education

The General Education component of undergraduate degrees provides the student with a basic understanding of a broad range of subjects.  This supports the liberal arts emphasis of the University’s academic mission. The goals of the General Education component include the making  of a well-informed individual and exposing the undecided student with a potential academic and career choice.

Some General Education courses have prerequisites.  Some courses have a minimum grade requirement before the next course can be taken.   A prescribed sequence of certain courses exists to better serve students as they progress through their academic careers.  The student’s academic advisor will help the student make appropriate choices when scheduling courses.

Many programs of study (areas, majors, and minors) require General Education courses as prerequisites or as core courses.  Students should  determine if this is the case with the desired program of study and choose General Education courses accordingly.

A course listed in both the General Education component and in the area, major, or minor core will satisfy both requirements.  Note that this is true for the core only.  Such a course will not satisfy both General Education and a program’s prerequisite requirements.  When a course meets two requirements (i.e. General Education and the Major), its hours count only once in the total hours earned that apply toward those needed for graduation. Students should monitor this and plan to take additional courses to ensure the minimum total hours required for graduation is met.

General Education Requirements


Health Promotion and Activity – Take each course on this list (2 or 3 hours):

____________HP 103 Introduction to Physical Activity and Health Promotion (2 hours)

____________HP 200 Healthful Living (3 hour)

Take one human performance physical activity course (1 hour)

____________HP _____ A Human Performance Physical Activity Course (1 hour)

Literature and Christian Studies (9 hours)

Take this specific course (3 hours):

____________ENG 210 Literary Studies (3 hours) (prerequisite: ENG 112)

Take two courses on this list (6 hours):

____________CHS 111 Introduction to Old Testament Study (3 hours)

____________CHS 121 Introduction to New Testament Study (3 hours)

____________CHS 130 Christ and Culture (3 hours)

____________PHI 241 Introduction to Philosophy (3 hours)

Art, Drama, and Music – Take one course on this list (2 hours minimum)

____________ART 110 Understanding Art (2 hours)

____________ART 310 Art History I (3 hours)

____________ART 311 Art History II (3 hours)

____________MUS 125 Understanding Music (2 hours)

____________MUS 221 Music Literature (3 hours)

____________TH 131 Introduction to Theater (3 hours)


English Composition – Take each course on this list (6 hours):

____________ENG 111 Freshman Composition I (3 hours)

____________ENG 112 Freshman Composition II (3 hours) (prerequisite: ENG 111)

Mass Communication – Take one course on this list (3 hours):

____________MAC 120 Fundamentals of Speech (3 hours)

____________MAC 140 Introduction to Communication (3 hours)

Mathematics – Take one course on this list (3 hours minimum):

____________MTH 110 College Mathematics (3 hours)

____________MTH 111 College Algebra (3 hours)

____________MTH 112 Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry (3 hours)

____________MTH 123 Elementary Calculus and Its Applications (3 hours)

____________MTH 130 Elementary Statistics (3 hours)

____________MTH 210 Calculus I (4 hours)

Computing and Technology – Take one course on this list (3 hours minimum):

____________CIS 100 Computer Concepts and Applications (3 hours)

____________CIS 160 CIS I (with lab) (4 hours)

____________LIS 150 Information Mastery (3 hours)


Biological Science – Take one course on this list (3 hours minimum):

Note: P-5 teacher certification must take the 1 hour lab associated with the course chosen from this list:

____________BIO 103 Environment and Man (3 hours)

____________BIO 110 Biology (3 hours)

____________BIO 200 Biological Concepts (with lab) (4 hours)

Physical Science – Take one course on this list (3 hours minimum):

Note: P-5 teacher certification must take the 1 hour lab associated with the course chosen from this list:

____________CHE 100 Introduction to Chemistry (3 hours)

____________CHE 111 General Chemistry I (3 hours)

____________GEO 105 Introductory Earth Science (3 hours)

____________GEO 211 Physical Geology (3 hours)

____________PHY 131 Conceptual Physics (3 hours)

____________PHY 132 Introduction to Astronomy (3 hours)

____________PHY 141 General College Physics I (3 hours)

Economics, Psychology, and Sociology (6 hours)

Take one course from two of these three subject areas:


____________ECO 110 Introduction to Economics (3 hours) (for students in non-business programs)

____________ECO 221 Macroeconomics (3 hours)

____________ECO 222 Microeconomics (3 hours)


____________PSY 111 General Psychology (3 hours)


____________SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology (3 hours)

History and Political Science – Take one course on this list (3 hours):

____________HST 110 United States to 1877 (3 hours)

____________HST 120 United States Since 1877 (3 hours)

____________HST 231 World Civilization to 1650 (3 hours)

____________HST 242 World Civilization Since 1650 (3 hours)

____________POL 110 American Government (3 hours)